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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Jasmine blouse by Colette patterns

This pattern appealed to me because of its sweet femininity, and I guess I like to think of myself like that-LOL

I have also been anxious to try one of the Colette patterns for a few reasons.
1. they seem to be quite popular.
2. I like supporting independent designers.
3. I wanted to test the pattern and instructions, to see if I would recommend them to my students.

Bengal spice tea in vintage cup with Lemon cookies

Upon it's arrival, I of course like everyone else was impressed with it's cuteness.  The graphics are adorable and inviting.  It says "let's put the kettle on, bake some tea cookies and plan our wardrobe" At least that is what it said to me....your results may vary:)

Jasmine blouse photo courtesy of Colette
I knew from looking at the illustration as well as the photos of the finished blouse that I wanted to lengthen the sleeves to mid-forearm.  This is a personal issue.....Elbows to me are like knee's, not attractive.  If you don't cover them, then you need to find the correct height above them, to draw your eye away from the wrinkled knob of flesh.  This, like everything else gets worse as you age...

I also felt there was something not quite right about the collar, but I could not put my finger on it.  It just didn't seem to lay properly, or was it a touch to narrow? 
 It looks so sweet in the photo what exactly is my issue?

I loved the shape of the neckline, the tie, the slight gathering on the sleeve at the shoulder, and that is was cut on a figure flattering bias, as well as the fact that it had no closures.  
Hooray, a simple and lovely blouse to "whip out"
Jasmine blouse mocked up in Tencel by Lynne Williams
I finished my tea and cut out my "muslin" or "mock frock" as one of my clients/ students calls them.
I found a piece of Tencel in my stash that replicated the weight and drape of my finished fabric choice.

The pattern is delightfully accurate.  My bust currently measures 37" and I traced the size 8.
The fit is very nice, straight off the pattern.  The bias drapes in a predictable figure flattering way.  My husband quite liked it:) 
 The neckline though made me feel suddenly quite old:(
Was it just the color of the blouse....?
The depth of the neckline is very nice.  Often times I have to raise necklines, as I am not keen on showing cleavage...supposing I had some...but the depth of this neckline was just right.  My husband agreed something was amiss, and I don't mean with the pattern, but just that the style lines were not flattering to my face.  I am rather stumped by this because I like it just fine on my dress form.

After much pondering I have decided to make it narrower at the shoulder line.  Lengthen my sleeves even more and change the way the collar is sewn, making it less of a collar and more of a sash tie like this blouse from Banana Republic.

I would eventually like to make this blouse up in a silk, but for this 1st run will use this piece of poly voile I have in my stash and picked up for a song at JoAnn's

Please comment about your observations and impressions.  
Am I trying to make 1 style into another completely?
Will the pattern in my poly voile confuse the issue or make for a sublime blouse?


  1. So far, I've had great success with Colette patterns, but I've not tried this blouse. I do like the idea of lengthening the sleeves. I'm really trying to get my braid to switch from fall mode to winter mode and I need some long sleeved shirts.

  2. Hi Lynne, I am drawn to Colette patterns, and love the designs and the instructions. Unfortunately, I have a difficult time getting them to fit well. Always feel as though a shoulder will slip down, or too much fabric somewhere. I am used to altering for petite, but I cannot get a really good fit with this line. YMMV

    Perhaps the color of the mock frock (love that) is too close to you lovely hair color, and is draining color from your face. I'll be interested to see your poly version-you are so talented that I'm sure you can make this be sublime :-)

  3. I too am thinking about winter, and believe I have my color palette worked out for that , but still have a few of these fall items to complete. I have been avoiding black for years, but think I now need to add some in, especially since my hair is turning salt and pepper.

    Interesting input about your fitting issues, will keep this in mind as I proceed. Your observation about the color of the mock frock is so correct, it does nothing for me, but I can usually see past that.... I think this 1st run will answer some questions for me for sure.

  4. I really like your version. Until now I've never bought any of those patterns because they are made for a c cup and I'd rather avoid alterations. I prefer drafting from scratch. I love their designs though

  5. I keep looking at the colette patterns and this one in particular...but I'm a bit nervous about patterns and its a lot to pay out just to end up in the back of the pattern draw.


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