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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fall Class Schedule Confirmed

I recently confirmed the fall class schedule at Nicolet and along with the expected ( Sewing Cafe ) I threw a few new surprises in the mix.  I hope you like them.  Please share this post with anyone who you want to tempt, treat, or bring along to class.  Of course it will be ages yet before the catalog is released ( 1st of August to be exact), so this is your sneak peak.  Remember to mark your calendars and sign up as early as possible to insure your class runs. 

An important note about registration!  Fall registration does not begin until Aut 11th. so please don't call the school before then to sign up

Sewing Cafe:  As most of you are familiar with, Sewing Cafe is a self paced, bring any project to challenge Lynne with, arrive when convenient, leave when you must, no guilt, no pressure sewing bee.  Some like to use this time as designated sewing time.  Some come for the excellent company and occasional treat.  Everyone though likes to get help from me with fitting, pattern alteration, and learning basic to advanced sewing skills.  What can I say we have fun, and get a lot done.  We encourage creativity and joyful abandon:)

James learns to sew
 Sometimes we have young people join us.  Always a treat.

We have been known to make costumes to chair covers, window treatments to baby books, coats to camisoles.

Every project starts with an idea and sometimes those ideas come from fellow students.

                                              Hope you can join us for our next Sewing Cafe. 

Jeans That Fit:  This class has 4 Saturday sessions in September.  We will using the Jalie pant pattern which has received rave reviews from all.  There is a class material fee of $45.00 dollars which will include the pattern, denim, zipper, jean button and studs essential for professionally finished jeans.  You need to understand pattern instructions, sew basic seams and have your own machine.  Stay tuned for a special post with more information and pictures of the finished project.  If you struggle with finding jeans that fit, we will end that struggle for you.  You get to be the "Decider"!  Low rise? Medium rise? High rise? Boot cut? Straight cut? Flares? You decide......excited at the possibility of having jeans that fit you in the waist and the hip?  Please join me then in making your perfectly comfortable jeans.

Sewing Lab 102: This class is a continuation of the sewing lab 101 running this summer.  We will build on the skills learned in 101 while finishing another garment.  The class runs for 4 Tuesday evenings in Sept.  If you have taken any of Lynne's Learn to Sew classes this will be the perfect next step for you.  Again stay tuned for more information and project pictures as the date draws closer.

Little Black Dress: One thing all stylists agree on is that we all need a Little Black Dress.  A dress that is ready to take us places.  A basic style that can be easily accessorized for different looks and different times of the day.  This class runs for 4 Saturdays in Oct. All sewing levels are welcome.  You choose the pattern and the fabric and I will help with the rest.  Just in time for the Holiday party lineup.  Feel free to contact me if you would like additional help choosing a suitable pattern for your skill level prior to class.  Already have awesome sewing skills, but can't find the time to sew?  Join us!  Class time makes for easy designated sewing time.  No interruptions, no phone calls, no yard work.

On The Go Tote:  Many of you are already familiar with this tote.  I was introduced to the pattern by a student (great idea).  This tote is what I use to bring my studio to class.  It holds my rotary cutting board, my fashion rulers, my notions and sewing tools, patterns, and the list goes on.  I have modified the pattern a touch so that it zips closed...don't want my valuable rolling around the trunk of the car.  This class is 3 Saturdays in Nov.  It is a major stash buster and you can purchase the pattern directly from me or a local supplier.  You will want to be a intermediate sewer for this project and know how to use a rotary cutter.  Projects pictures to follow in a separate post.

Whew!  I think that is enough for now.  The class dates and registration numbers are listed at right under the class schedule list.  Please save the dates and stay tuned for class updates to follow soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Recent Bit Of Organizing Foolishness

I am not sure how many of you know this about me but....I have what is refered to as "racing thoughts"  It's fairly obvious actually but this is my excuse (as if I needed one) to my need to be as organized as possible.  At least that is my reasoning on the subject. 

Last week I replaced my ugly and marginally useful dry erase board with this bit of joy you see at left.  The problem with the dry erase, was that I was constantly having to erase and shift projects by order of priority.  Sometimes the project would get moved over to Peg's side of the board, then it would be back on my side, and I still needed to keep track mentally of the next step in the process.  So it struck if by lightning that the solution to my project organization was a card filing system that would allow me to 1) list the steps in the project  and 2) move them around the board.   3) Be cute! and visually pleasing within the context of my studio environment.  When something grabs me visually it takes me out of the moment.  It inturrupts my process...not good. I need all the help focusing I can get.

A close up of the my new filing system reveals a lovely twill cotton stripe by Moda and purchased at Sew Smart(sale corner) SCORE!  Deep pleats create the file pockets and clear plastic rectangles make for excellent name/place holders.  Stability is acheived by using Peltex a fusible stiffner which worked really well for this project.  It is hung in place by applying velcro to the 4 corners and then using those fabulous removable picture hangers by Command.

I am loving my new organizing tool.  Now you may not have this many sewing projects to organize, or maybe you do...but any ideas on what else this filing system could be used for?  You can make it up in a day, reduce clutter in your sewing room, office, kitchen, etc and give yourself something cute to look at.

Stay tuned for the new fall teaching schedule with project pictures:)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Elizabeths bit of Whimsey

 Our Darling Friend Elizabeth made this equally darling baby book for a friends child.  It is of her own design made from scraps she found in her fabric stash.  She discovered that, once again Betty is right  when she says "When you buy what you like, it will all go together".

 She was inspired by some simialar baby books she had seen on-line, but not wanting to deny herself the pleasure of designing her own, she set about searching for some simple applique patterns.

Next she found simple poems or nursery rhymes that suited the applique patterns she liked.

 She then printed those rhymes onto printable fabric sheets.

 Then backed the appliques and the rhymes with a fusible webbing.

 Fused them onto her background fabric and stitched around them.  She placed a layer of fusible batting between each page.  Created a book binding from varying widths of fabric strips and then bar tacked through the book binding layers to hold them all together.

Thank You Elizabeth for sharing this project with us and providing such wonderful photos for sharing.
Your book is Absolutely Adorable and Claire is sure to enjoy it for years to come.

What special gift projects are you planning for this summer?
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