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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Pantaloons

Williams Studio 2 Fall Pajama Pantaloon's

The most comfortable pajama pants I have ever worn:)
  Last week Peg sewed these up for me so we could check my computer pattern skills....learning the ropes, you know?

I have had this homespun cotton flannel for years....literally.  
I made this pair a little longer for the the cooler weather, but they still have that super comfortable smocking at the waist, and I like how the ruffles help the hem keep their shape.  

Peg is now making a pair for herself, can't wait to find out if she likes them as much as I.

If you would like to make yourself a pair, There is a tutorial so you can do that.
With the new format you can just do a picture search to find the posts.. or type Pajama Pantaloon in the search box at the upper right hand side of your screen.
They are a great beginner project. 
 They would make a great gift as well....don't you think?

Today in the studio I altered a pattern for a client who is in need of a dress coat....fur and taffeta...yummy
Answered inquiry's about the Wonder Woman costume.
Thought a lot about the Jasmine blouse muslin....I will post more about that later.
Graded a pattern and prepared some patterns to offer as downloads.
Do you download patterns?  It's so convenient right?


  1. Would you please remind me that I want to use this waist treatment when I make some new pajamas later this year? ;-) They look soooooo comfy!

    BTW, if you missed it, your suggestions for my Peony vest lining issues were absolutely spot on! Thank you so much! :D

  2. These do look pretty wonderful; my own pyjamas are always so plain. I think I need to lift my game a bit, yours are so pretty!


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