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Saturday, October 22, 2011

On The Go Tote Class Teaser

On the Go Tote adapted by Lynne Williams

The On The Go Tote Class begins on Saturday Nov 5th at Nicolet. 
It runs for 3 Saturdays in a row from 10am - 3pm  The class registration # is 20702
 Register today so that you have time to purchase your pattern and materials.

Whiligig Designs

This tote pattern is by Whiligig Designs and can be purchased at The Cutting Edge.  

Cottage Creek Quilts designed by Pam Puyleart
This pattern by Cottage Creek quilts can also be purchased at The Cutting Edge.  
It is meant to be a wall hanging, but ultimately it was the artwork that intrigued me, and I used it to jazz up my tote. 

I used this project as a tool for practicing my free motion stitching, which I do very little of.  Because the individual units are small it is easy to get creative and practice.  In class of course you are welcome to sew the tote up without embellishment as the pattern dictates....but what an opportunity to play.  I used a variety of techniques from templates to wild abandon:D  
I would really encourage you to use this class as an opportunity to learn/practice this skill

This tote does require a lot of yardage(9 yds), so I recommend digging into your stash or finding a great deal on a print that you love.  Additionally you can reduce the amount of yardage by sewing it up in a heavier weight fabric, such as a denim, a twill, or a medium weight upholstery fabric.  This saves yardage because the interior pockets when done in a quilting cotton are doubled up.  If you used a heavier fabric that is not necessary.  
In addition to the design changes :
I added a zipper closure
Stabilizing the tote - the pattern calls for using foam core , I simplified this step and in class you can choose between the options.

This tote is incredibly useful for class and if you like taking sewing classes you can just about get your entire sewing room in this tote....minus your machine and project.  
It holds  all of my cutting boards, rulers, scissors, threads, tapes, instructions, pin cushion, chalk wheels, dressmakers carbon etc.  

When I am doing a lot of teaching I simply hang the tote  on the back of a chair in my studio and work out of it, so that I am not loading and un-loading it.
That makes me think that if you have a limited amount of sewing space..this tote might be ideal for regular storage. 

I hope you will join me for sewing this very useful tote, learning some new techniques and meeting other sewing enthusiasts:)

A note to my sewing cafe students:  If you would like to sew on Saturday but are not interested in sewing the tote, please join us anyway.  As usual if you are attending Fridays class then you can leave your equipment set up in class on Friday and simply return Saturday morning for another full day of sewing.

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