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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It has been quite awhile since I last got the better of me. has kept me very busy sewing 66 Batman and Robin Costumes along with an increasing number of Wonder Woman needless to say this has left me little time for personal sewing.

I recently attended the ASDP conference though and that provided me with a much needed vacation and reboot!  The instruction was world class but I will discuss that more in another post. today I want to share my Alabama Chanin project with you.

Just a few in process shots for Tuesday.

 This is a fitted camisole in two layers.  Its been stenciled with her rose pattern. 

 As you can see I am now in the process of quilting around the stencil with beads.  Once beaded you cut away the top layer to reveal a bit of color. 

Her organic cotton jersey is amazingly soft and so lovely to hand sew on. 

Have you sewn any Alabama Chanin projects?
or do you own any of her clothing?
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