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Monday, October 24, 2011

Knitting Smartie, or Knit off the pounds.

Black Purl 1102 3rd st, Wausau WI. 
On my recent shopping trip into Wausau I managed to stop by my favorite yarn shop The Black Purl.  
My intention was to pick up a few hanks of Cascade 220 to knit myself another sweater vest for the FESA challenge. 
This I figured was an affordable alternative for my next knitting project.
  Knitting is not for the economically challenged.  

If you have not been to The Black Purl I highly recommend it.  The owner Beth is quite honestly brilliant.  Her shop is an oasis of cozy color, rich textures, and a soothing ambiance.  As usual several ladies were sitting around an old oak table in front of a sunny window knitting away while chatting with one another.

With good intentions I headed straight to where the Cascade was the last time I was in, and searched for a color that would fit in with my palette and ...well speak to me.  
The Cascade was shockingly quiet and subdued...hmmm, well while I am here lets at least look and see what new gorgeous samples Beth has been knitting up...this, I can recognize now, was my first mis-step.  Her samples are all on sale, I started trying them on(the 2nd mis-step), and then it happened, while shaking my arm out of a beautiful deep purple sweater I caught sight of this yarn by Louisa Harding

It was just the color I was looking for to fit in with my fall palette

Merletto yarn by Louisa Harding color #17 True
but not suitable for my fitted sweater vest.
I did just happen to have the directions for the Smartie sweater by Kim Hargreaves with me ( maybe this was my first mis-step...) the gauge would work, although with the texture of yarn I would forgo the window pane texture as knit in the pattern...simple enough to eliminate.

Smartie sweater by Kim Hargreaves / pattern in Rowan #19
I drove home full of's over an hour on a cold and blustery day.  Upon entering the house with my purchases, my wonderful husbands says " Did you find something lovely for yourself?"  
and I responded " Why...yes, yes I did....a few things"
Knitting up Smartie for Lynne Williams
I have been knitting ever since.  Here is my left front, which I started with instead of the back so I could confirm the shaping and lengths.  Chuck likes the texture that the moss stitch creates at the hem. and I love the vent detail at the princess seam and the luster of this yarn.  

Have you been distracted by the title of my post..." Knit off the pounds" ? 
 I do not mean to suggest that this sweater will make me look thinner, but I have noted a huge benefit to knitting in the evenings...I snack less, in fact not at all.  Evenings are typically my downfall where my diet is concerned, the longer I watch television the more I want to snack, but when I am knitting I am not thinking about snacking, so I now figure that my yarn is a very cost effective diet aid.  Less expensive then a trainer or diet foods, and therapy. 
 After all for the cost of 12 skeins of yarns I am lowering my stress and calorie intake. 
 That's a win, win in my book:D

To see some of Black Purls patterns go here
For my fans of vintage clothing, check out the patterns using this yarn

Have you knit anything with  Merletto?
Do you use knitting, crocheting or hand work as a diet aid?
Have you been to the Black Purl?

Do tell:)


  1. hee hee... I did not get the knitting gene (I tried, & know this to be true), so I usually skip right over most knitting posts. Your story, however, had my rapt attention all the way through - and that is a lovely looking yarn!

  2. I absolutely love Wausau. It is Wisconsin at its most beautiful. The trees are abundant and there is much to do!! The air is crisp and clean and the people are friendly and kind. Global Visas provide the very best chance of success anywhere in the world. I currently live in Chicago. My dream to one day work as a librarian in Wausau. I truly hope that my dream comes true!


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