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Friday, November 4, 2011

In the Studio this week - Swing Coats and Bunny Uniforms

I have come to realize that sometimes I make promises on this blog that I do not keep.
  It's a shocking thing to realize about yourself.
  In an attempt to rectify this bad habit I am sharing what Peg and I have been working on in the studio this week(as promised...), which has been a dressy swing coat with matching hand muff, alterations, and a Playboy Bunny uniform.

This silk taffeta swing coat was made using a Butterick 4928

My client/student is making a dress from the same silk taffeta, and due to her date deadline :) decided it was advisable to split the project up by having me make the coat.

 This elegant dress coat has a surprise....

It's lined with Minky, yes Minky and we made a very warm Minky lined faux fur hand muff to compliment the coat.  If you are in need of a dress coat...and who of us is not?.....I can recommend this unusual combination of fabrics.  The coat is lightweight and oh so cozy, with its warm and comfy lining.  If you don't need a dress about a housecoat?  Think about it....Right?

Now on to the Bunny Uniform... because who wants to talk about alterations when there is serious costuming to discuss.
The girls in club uniform greeting Hugh Hefner at the airport
A favorite client of mine commissioned the Union Jack Bunny costume, (seen at far right), but the seamstress who was hired to add the flag pattern became ill, making it impossible for her to do her part. 
 I hope she is feeling better soon

Union Jack Playboy Bunny Uniform in progress.

Enter Lynne.....who received  a base suit made by Bunny PJ in Navy blue, with tail and name tag. Following many reference photos I have begun basting satin ribbon onto the suit to replicate the Union Jack Flag.

Union Jack Playboy Bunny Uniform in progress.
As you can see I have the central cross section basted on, and will start laying in the angled sections soon.  
The costume arrived with ribbon, which was a nice time saver, but unfortunately I believe that one of the red ribbons is in the wrong I am on the hunt for some 5/8" red satin ribbon which will match the red I already have.

My dress form is a little small in the waist for this size 8 suit which accounts for the bubbling going on...but notice how the ribbons go over and under each other?  Interesting I thought. 
 Once all the basting is done the hand applique will begin.

So there you have it...this week in the studio. 
 No progress has been made on my Jasmine blouse as of yet...maybe this weekend.
  I am such an optimist...

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