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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Challenge - Pumpkin vest

Lynne Williams Pumpkin Plaid Vest from Folkwear 222

My apologies for this picture being out of focus....I was a little to excited about it to wait for better pictures.  Chuck and I have a photo shoot planned for later today, but he has a tight deadline on a I thought what the heck.

The Folkwear pattern this vest started with has 3 versions and I plan on making the double breasted version as well.  Although this vest is on  the bias I added the darts to get a closer fit, you might not need to do this in a lighter weight wool, but this lightly felted wool needed the additional shaping. 

The buttons are vintage plastic made to look like a traditional leather button.  Pretty cute I thought and the right accent for this vest.

Lynne Williams for Williams Studio 2
Looking forward to wearing this baby as it is really cooling down here and I think vests will make a great layer for me in and out of the studio.  
I have always had a passion for menswear as well so its a win, win.

The Lining is a rayon Ambiance from my stash.
The back belt is a beautiful piece of brown leather, left over from some outrageous show chaps I made several years ago. 

Looking forward to my next item for the challenge which will be the Jasmine blouse by Colette Patterns.
Need to muslin that and I am planning on lengthening the sleeve. 
 I just don't think that above the elbow look is good for my age group.  
This pattern due to its being cut on the bias requires 3 yards....yikes, this will limit my fabric choices.  I have some beautiful silks, but I am afraid not enough yardage on any of them....hmmm

Do you like mens wear on women?
What color shirt would you wear with this vest?

Dare I enter it into the Stitched in Color Contest?

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  1. I'm not a big fan of women wearing men's clothes but I think menswear inspired pieces are a great option for women. I think brown, white or grey would be safe options to wear with your vest. I think it'd also look smashing with a mustard yellow or even navy blue! You'd just have to hunt around for the right shade.

  2. Color? Any but green :-) I love the vest and it will look terrific with your coloring.

  3. I love menswear on women, and this vest is perfectly yummy! I adore the colour, and the pattern placement. And those leather look buttons are as close as perfect as you could get...!

  4. I love the color! I haven't thought much on mens wear for women - I tend to be the dress and skirt kinda girl.

    I agree with the post above it would look great with a Navy blouse.

  5. I really like the vest....great Fall color! I do like men's wear on women!

  6. I love both actual menswear and menswear-inspired pieces on women.

    This vest would look great with a pearly grey shirt.


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