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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fabric Lovelies

My beautiful yarn was not my only splurge this past week.

It all really started at The Cutting Edge Sale, where some very committed women were waiting out in the cold to enter the not going to do that.  I cannot even imagine what incredible fibers she would have to have on sale that would cause me to stand out in the wind for....I am trying...but....

Peg and I then bravely headed over to Jo-Anns where we found a very nice piece of linen.  Yes 100% linen, yarn dyed in this marvelous cafe au lait color.  We purchased enough for 2 shirts, one for her and one for me and we have plans on cutting them out and sewing them up together.
(It looks a little dark in this picture, but what's a girl to do, trying to photograph in the's touchy.)

That will be great fun, don't you think?
Do you sew much with others? 
Lynne Williams for Williams Studio 2 - linen blouse sketch
This is the shirt I designed and sketched for my linen fabric.  I will replace the darts at the front with tucks.  Use pin tucks on the front insert and trim it with some vintage lace from my stash.  A 3/4 length sleeve with a narrow cuff, and lots of little mother of pearl buttons for the front placket. 
Yummy!...if I do say so myself, and since this is my blog I guess I can do that....

Currently I do not know what Peg's plans are for her half of the linen, but I will be sure to keep you posted.

The chocolate colored stuff alongside the linen is a medium wale corduroy and I have plans to make some straight leg jeans to work in.  I am always a touch on the cold side so cozy pants will do just the trick this winter while I am in the studio sewing.  

We did return to The Cutting Edge later in the day where we stocked up on small rotary cutting blades and I purchased some fine cotton batiste for another blouse.  It is in white and I have plans to dye it using some Shibori technique.

Have you tried Shibori ?

Now did I need fabric?....certainly not, and I have been doing a fine job of attacking my stash this past year, but linen at JoAnns, a superfine cotton batiste, and some gorgeous yarn..simply irresistible.

Let's just hope I can get to these projects this year so that these gorgeous finds don't end up in my stash.

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  1. Like you I don't need any fabric, but somehow I just can't help myself either!!! Your new linen is very lovely and will look absolutely beautiful and rather rustic with mother of pearl buttons. I love the plan you have sketched out,


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