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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wonder Woman Accessories

Wonder Woman Tiara and Cuffs by Williams Studio 2

Yesterday in the studio I completed a batch of Wonder Woman tiaras, and cuffs.
I am trying a new gold braid on these which folds over the edge. 
 It's quite tricky to apply but Chuck, in particular loves the finish.

 Speaking of finishes...

Can you believe the finish on those cuffs?  We send those out to be done by a professional and upon their return I apply the red stars.....very carefully.

So a lot of sewing and very little breathing was done - lol

I do love my job.

Wonder Woman Tiara and Cuffs by Williams Studio 2
If you are interested in owning a set of these beauties head over to my Etsy store.  Normally I make these as ordered, but I have an extra set currently available for sale. 
 An unusual occasion to say the least.


  1. Beautiful! I do love those cuffs, very tempting indeed... they would look amazing with just the right outfit.

  2. Thanks Carolyn, I am thrilled to report that they sold within an hour of posting....good timing.

    Hope to get some personal sewing done today


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