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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee - My recent passion

Have you all heard about this wonderful BBC2 production called  " The Great British Sewing Bee"

The first episode aired this week and although not available in the US I was able to find it on YouTube.  
I am completely smitten.

The show is a competition between "amateur" seamstress's, of various backgrounds, ages, and sexes who are given reasonable projects and tasks to complete within a tight but again reasonable time frame.

The contestants although nervous seem to have a normalcy about them we rarely see in American reality show. 
 Sew Refreshing

The judges watch their process and educate as they dissect and judge each task.  In this first episode they speak about balance, pattern matching, zippers, facings, bias, seam tension, darts and fabric choice. In between watching cautiously panicked stitchers problem solve under pressure and press each seam we see illustrations of patterns how they work and where the challenges will lie in execution.  Cleverly done and quite engaging.

Beautifully photographed and an inspiring work environment make it a joy to watch as well. 
I find the challenges make we want to challenge myself this week in a similar fashion.  

A-line skirt anyone?

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