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Monday, December 21, 2009

Wrapping up 2009

We have held our final Sewing Cafe for 2009!  So much has been accomplished this year and so much progress has been made by everyone.  You might want to grab yourself a beverage for this post, as we have a lot to cover.

Kathy completed this chenille bath mat.  Karens Quilt Corner offers a class on this, which Kathy participated in, then one Saturday she joined us to finish it up.  You can also make scarfs, jackets and lap quilts using this fun technique which layers cottons or silks ( 4-8) which are then stitched every 1/2".  After stitching you use a rotarty slashing tool to cut the fabric between the stitching.  After washing you get this wonderful dimensional effect.

To learn more check out  chenille tools and tutorial.  On the right here we
a close up of the fabric after it has been cut.

Heather wrapped up her year by making presents for her family and friends.  Of course we can't really talk much about that in case any of them read the blog.  I am looking forward to having Heathers daughter in my Learn to Sew Classes which are beginning in January.  Please keep those classes in mind for anyone you know who might be curious about sewing.  They are a half day class, and I do have some machines available for any interested, but they will need to contact me to reserve the machine.

This project is what we refer to as a "maverick".  A maverick project is any project not done in class.  Elizabeth made this adorable crayon apron which can hold fat crayons, or 2 regular crayons in each pocket.  She found a pattern on line, followed the directions and then added her own personal touches.  Isn't that what sewing is all about?  I found two different versions of this apron on line which you can check out here and here.

Lee has been a quilt making machine!  I am impressed by her approach and fortitude.  In Nov. Lee cut out 4 quilts...yes 4 right after the other.  Now I don't know about the rest of you but I cut so that I can sew, so that I can see how cool all my little pieces look reassembled.  The cutting is the job that just has to happen first, so the thought of cutting 4 of them out with no sewing in between seems to me to require incredible discipline.  At any rate she did quickly move on to sewing them up.  This one on the the right can be found at this quilting site where many of the instructions are free.  Lee is making this quilt as a gift, and these bright batiks were chosen by the recipient.  I am looking forward to hearing how it is received, with squeals of delight, no doubt.

Liz made some matching corduroy jumpers for her granddaughters. This fun and simple project can also be embroidered if using a solid fabric.  Jumpers are always a good idea for growing girls as they can wear then for many years, and there are few fitting issues.  Nice work Liz...and I will hope to see pictures with girls in these jumpers.

Paula finished this blouse and has started another.  The pattern is vogue 8194 The fabric is a wool challis.  Paula used french seams and a chiffon hem finish.  A chiffon hem is obviously not just for chiffon but does require light weight fabrics.
  1. You begin by setting your stitch length to 2. 
  2.  Stitch 5/8" from cut hem edge on wrong side of fabric.  
  3. Fold the seam allowance to the wrong side along the stitch line and stitch again right next to the 1st line of stitching.
  4. Trim off seam allowance right up next to the stitching line.
  5. Turn seam one last time to wrong side and stitch again.

This technique gives a a soft fluid clean hem and handles the bias edges beautifully as you can see here on Paula's hems.

Last but certainly not least  is this incredible point board hand made for us by Chris.  Chris very, very generously made these point boards, 6 all told, for his fellow classmates.  It is sanded to a "fare the well", soft as a baby's bottom, with a long narrow throat.  Point boards are used for pressing into tight little areas, like collar points, or pressing seams where you don't want a "shadow" created on the face.  Liz has found it invaluable in pressing quilting seams, to keep her from "mucking up" the ones she has already pressed.  These beautiful boards were a free gift from a generous fellow.  This is the finest point board I have had the pleasure of pressing on.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Chris.  Your board will be put to good use for many years to come in my studio I can tell you, and like every hand made gift will be a nice reminder of the gift giver.

 I guess that finally wraps it up for this year, of course we are already making plans for next year.  After all there is all that fabric that was purchased at Mill End to be made up.  Men's shirts, wool jackets, jeans, quilts, winter coats, shirt designing, stuffed animals, not to mention a few repurposed garments being just a few of the projects already in the works!

Thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to share my love of fabric and sewing.  I have enjoyed every moment of sewing with you all and I am really looking forward to 2010.

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