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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Pattern Pyramid Winner is.......

Wait for it......... are you hearing a drum role? 

If so you should get that checked out.....

A Hearty Congratulations to Angela The Creative Diva!
You are our official winner of all these lovely patterns

Contact me with your shipping address my dear and I will get them out the front door to you:)

Remember to sort thru them when they arrive, take the ones you want, add some to the pyramid and host your own give away.

But most of all...

Now to those who didn't win, and had particular patterns they were interested in be sure to head over to Angela's blog.  You never know you might get a 2nd chance.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Milestone Pattern Pyramid

I now have 100 lovely, creative, followers! 

It's just the excuse I have been looking for to launch a Pattern Pyramid...

This Pattern Collection:
Weekender Jean Jeanius Trouser Jeans by Hot Patterns, Multi sized 6-26
Vogue 8175 Accessories (oop)
Miss Moneypenny Pussycat Blouse by Hot Patterns, Multi sized 6-26 (oop)
Vogue 8326 Divine Details blouse SizeEE 14-20 (oop)
Vogue 8087 Claire Shaeffers Custom Couture Jacket Size 6-8-10 (oop)
Neue Mode Young Collection Slacks Size 10-20 (00p)
Vogue 7908 Claire Shaeffers Custom Couture Jacket Size 18-20-22 (oop)
Vogue 8333 Claire Shaeffers Custom Couture Jacket Size 6-8-10

Cha Ching!!!

The Rules: 
 Leave a comment to enter
If you want to be entered twice - Leave a comment and like Williams Studio 2 on FB, or Google+ and let me know you did so in the comments:)
Upon winning the Collection keep the patterns you want add some of your own and host your own Pattern Pyramid Giveaway.

The drawing will be held on January 29th @ 3pm.

Let's spread the pattern love shall we:)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A lot of Lurking & A touch of sewing

This title is not to suggest that in my lengthy posting absence that I have not been sewing. 
 Heaven Forbid!  
Rather it is to say that I have been exploring lurking.  You know reading blogs appreciating and even using the information while rarely leaving a comment trail.  

Quite honestly it feels a bit like walking into someones home while they are out, raiding their fridge and sneaking out with out a "by your leave".

But enough about lurking (questions to follow) and on to sewing....Hooray!

This is a small sampling of what I have been up to of late, more to follow in the days ahead possibly.

"Your assignment should you choose to accept it"
 Create a bra for an elderly client with sloping shoulders a 32" rib cage and a E cup.
I used the Pin-Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern with no alterations(seriously, just follow the directions) and achieved a perfect fit and the only comfortable bra she has ever had!!

 and from the back.  
I have have made 3 of these in total and still need to make another in black 
1 in red and white gingham
( that is supposed to be a teaser of sorts)

For the same client a quilted vest from Moda charm packs.  She used to do more sewing herself, but in her semi-retirement she has decided its more fun to be the designer.
  She provides me with the idea, the fabrics, and some of the notions( buttons in this case) but leaves me lots of room to add my own touches.

What a great client!!

This close up shows some of my touches.  
After sewing the charm squares together. I hand quilted them to a layer of cotton flannel using different colors of embroidery floss.  
The breast pocket was an additional touch to help achieve two objectives.
 1- Create a space to show off her hankie collection.
2- Balance out the bust by creating a focal point above it and drawing the eye back towards her lovely face.

Now back to the questions, because I really want to know:)
Do you like to lurk?
Do you prefer it?
Do you ever feel guilty for it?
Do you find commenting bothersome, required, pointless,  or challenging?
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