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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sewing Cafe at Nicolet-Summer Schedule

 It may not seem possible at the moment...but in just a few months we could be doing this...

but then we might have to deal with this......

In which case wouldn't it better to join your friends at Sewing Class:)  No mosquito's and great company make for a most enjoyable time. 

The summer schedule for Nicolet has just been confirmed so be sure to save the dates listed on the side bar to the right, under Sewing Class Schedule.

A note about some changes you will notice when you receive your official catalog.

Friday sessions will run from 9-4 or 12-4.  Why this change?

     1) We all seem to run out of steam in the afternoons
     2) We do love our Fish Fries here in the North woods as well as an early dinner
     3) It should help to reduce the cost of the class

Learn to Sew will no longer be held in conjunction with Sewing Cafe   Why this change?

     1) Instead I will be offering a Learn to Sew Lab.

The Learn to sew lab will run for 3 sessions on Tuesday evenings, from 5-8pm.  This class is a project based class where the students will learn how to use their machine along with common terminology, understanding a basic pattern, and practice sewing.  We will then move onto to making a common sewing notion, as well as a basic garment.  Parents or Adult family members are encouraged to sign up with their children or grand children.  Children over the age of 10 can attend on their own as well.  Stay tune for more information about this class as we get closer to July.  Please make your summer guests aware of this fun summer activity, as well as any family or friends who would like some "summer camp" fun.

In closing I would like to share some sewing foolishness with you.  So sit back and enjoy Betty Hutton sing about her sewing machine. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anniversary & Project Restyle

I am so pleased and excited to have received the gift of " a shelf" for my 11th wedding anniversary.
Doesn't it look grand?  In another week it will surround my entire studio, but we are waiting for more brackets to arrive.  If you are not sure to which(of the many) shelf I am referring...its the one directly under the clock that runs the length of the wall.  Can flooring and a ceiling be far behind?  Probably, buts its a great stride forward :)

A quick note about Sewing Cafe at Nicolet - The Friday classes in March are confirmed to run! I am really looking forward to seeing every ones projects, their latest sewing related purchases, and just being with some of my sewing family.  See you on the 4th.

On to the Restyle -

 I cannot  remember how this sad little dress form came into my possession.  I think it was given to me by someone who hadn't a clue what to do with it, sitting in their garage or storage area cluttering up the place. So I either accepted it gratefully, or I picked it up at a yard sale, but really I think the 1st version is correct.

The 2nd part of the story has to do with a picture in some long forgotten magazine that showed a similar dress form beautifully recovered in a quilted muslin.  Upon seeing this image I knew that was just the ticket for my sad little form.  I promptly cut the image out and put it on my cork board..and then into an idea folder, and then back to the cork board, and then into my project notebook.  This went on for years...yes years!!
Then suddenly this week I couldn't take it any more, I dug through my stash to look for a suitable fabric...
and Voila!.... sad little dress form became Rosy.  She is covered in a cotton monks cloth, left over from a long ago curtain job.  I am so thrilled to have finally accomplished this project.  Feels Great!

In closing I thought I would add this Restyle Project, which was completed years ago.  This pin stand started out as a brass ashtray.  I sprayed painted it and dropped a magnetic pin holder into it.  The handle works great for moving it around clients or the studio as needed.
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