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Monday, July 29, 2013

Blog Address Change


We have established a new website and blog for Williams Studio 2 patterns, 2utorials and products.

Our new Website is at  Same address as before but a whole new look.  Let us know what you think.

The Wiliams Studio 2utorials can be found at:

I will still be posting personal projects here on sewing cafe as always, but all sewing tutorials and instructions will be at the new address.

Please check us out, follow and be sure to leave comments and let us know how you like our new look.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sewing Cafe Project - Pam A's Beach tote masquerading as a project tote

Really feeling like I should post about something besides diet and exercise, after all the blog is called Sewing Cafe with Lynne, not Lynne's latest obsession...but that works too.


I share with you Pam A's Tote. 
 Made for her daughters knit & crochet projects

Chuck instantly labeled it a Beach Tote until we showed him the roll ups, which hold your needles.
Needless to say it has pockets inside which imitate in style the ones you see here on the outside.
This bag is quite large and Chuck is correct it could hold lunch, a beach towel and good book, lotion and a beer with no difficulty at all.  
Great for the beach or large knitting projects, or multiple projects if you are one of those people who works on more then one project at a time:)

Well done Pam!! 
Look forward to seeing your next project.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beach Quilt Completed

Perhaps you have forgotten about my quilting/home decor project?

There were certainly times this winter when I had, but I am determined to finish some of my current projects, before adding any more to the list.  
Like most projects it started with a dream, a dream to have a summer quilt that reflected  the coastlines from which Chuck and I hail from....Florida and California respectively.

It began with this pattern.
I am a sucker for stars, diamonds, and lots and lots, of small pieces

I collected fabrics for over a year.  Batiks that reflected the sea and sand.
It all finally culminated in this....

It reminds me of beach glass

I did the top quilting myself with a simple orange peel pattern.
The large overlapping circles reminds me of drops on water.
I marked the pattern with a frixion pen and stitched it using my walking foot on my Bernina

I love the backing, a warm cream with swirls of sand on it.

What inspires your quilting?
A place?
A pattern?
A fabric?
A friends quilt? 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

66' Replica to Cosplay Batman Cowl Comparison

66' Batman Cowls Unite

Assortment of 66 Batman Cowls with flash photography

Chuck says " One of these things is not like the others"  

Assortment of 66 Batman Cowl with out flash photography

Can you spot the 66' Replica Cowl in these pictures?
The third one from the left is our replica made from the same fabric as the original . 
 The other 3 are are our Cosplay cowls made from Satin Spandex.

Replica and Cosplay 66 Batman Cowls

The replica cowl (3rd from the right) still needs its flaps and ears while the Cosplay cowls are ready for  the paint dept (Chucks studio). 
 The Cosplay cowl has a faced front flap, not as authentic as the Replica but a nice clean finish.  
The light blue swatches of fabric on the flap covers the Velcro to protect from snags.

So while Chuck is painting tomorrow I will be sewing flaps, ears, and a banana:)
Hopefully everything will go smoothly and these beauties will be flying out of the studio shortly.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewing Cafe Classes 2013

Sewing Cafe is back in the swing of things here in Rhinelander.  Sew Smart ( our local quilt store) is providing a room for us to stitch, learn and share in.

1939 studio sewing room

Classes run the 3rd Saturday of each month and you will find the schedule in the right hand menu bar.
Its great to be sewing with our friendly group again and I am so pleased and impressed by the progress they all have made.  It's incredibly satisfying to see your students progress in their ability's  To our friends who have not yet been able to return, know that you are missed and we truly hope to see you in the near future.
These classes will not be running  through the Holiday months of Nov, Dec, and Jan. but if there is sufficient interest we will pick them back up in Feb.

Sew Smart has just about every supply on my recommended notions list which you can download and print for your personal or class use.

Don't forget my Project Sheet to help you organize all your creative whims.

Wish all my blog friends could join us:) 

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