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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Spitzen tote

Spring has kept me busy:)  How about you?
 One of the accomplishments for June has been these totes.
I call these Spitzen totes.  Spitzen is German for little bits and these totes are made from "little bits" hanging about the shop.  

This particular tote was made for a young girl I know whose favorite color is red and will be used to get her Bible and songbook to meetings easily and fashionably:)  It is always fun sewing for others, so much love and good intentions get sewn into every seam and it helps me to reflect on all the beautiful quality's I admire in that individual.  While sewing for Cherie I thought about her ready smile, her hugs and exuberance, her girlish's good to be young.

This tote is a little more subdued and will be posted in my Etsy shop for sale.
Each tote is unique, different fabrics trims, and embellishments which makes sewing them up so enjoyable.
The handles are rolled for strength and comfort. 

The tote measures 11" x 7" x  3"

The back has a pocket and the lining has a divided pocket on one side perfect for holding your phone, gum, lipstick, wallet etc.  
This is a Williams Studio 2 pattern developed a few years back for my "learn to sew" series.  This pattern teaches you the basics of crazy quilting and lets you explore many of the fancy stitches on your machine.  The possibilities are endless and they do make great gifts.

These are two more examples of the Spitzen tote, which I thought I would throw in.  The tote on the left is made from woolens, and I use it during the winter months and the tote on the right is my current favorite.  The rose on the front is thread painted and tacked on to add dimension and fun.
Both of these were originally done as class samples.

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