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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Versatile Blog Award

The Versatile Blogger Award  has come back around and Mary was kind enough to mention me again as one of her receipients:)  I thought I would re-post my original thoughts on winning this award for my new readers, but change the blogs that I am passing this award onto.

So let's get started....

This morning while doing a quick check in through my blog roll.  I was happy to see that Biblioblog received this Versatile Blogger Award, because I do so enjoy hearing about her sewing projects and travels.  We have a few things in common....A love of sewing, A love of horses, we both have done some teaching( well she has done a lot of it, actually) and we both like to travel (she just actually gets to do some)

Then.....drum roll please.....she passed this award onto me, describing me as energetic, which I generally call frenetic, but energetic is so much nicer..... But that is Mary for you...Nice.

Thanks Mary, really I am quite touched this is my first award, and it's pretty special.

Along with the tag come certain rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post; -  Thank you Mary for thinking of me.  If you want to see some lovely travel pictures, and garments go to Biblioblog
Share seven things about yourself on your blog; 

working together on the replica 66 batman project
  1. My husband and I are both self-employed "artists"  Well he is really the artist, a sculptor actually who does the most amazing work.  He does product sculpture for Disney, Lenox, Electric Tiki, etc. which means people hire him to create 3 dimensional versions of their character art.  In addition to this he does Figurative Fine Art pieces.  He has incredible skill and a great sense of humor.  We have been married 11 years.  
  1. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and was baptized 10 years ago.  It's not something I discuss much on my blog, seeing as how it's primarily about my passion for sewing.  So I am out in the Ministry every Monday, conducting Bible studies with interested and interesting people. 
I don't know how this happened, but she is amazing!
  1. I have a beautiful daughter now 22 and living in Australia, having an adventure to remember.  This picture was taken on her return from Culinary School in New York.
Extreme sewing by Lynne Williams for Honey I blew up the Kids
  1. Before moving to Wisconsin I had a business creating costumes for the theatre and film industry in Calif.  I loved it, and I miss it still.  I had the good fortune to work with Harry Blackstone Jr. and on films such as Honey I Blew up the kids and Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure.  Working side by side with other creatives is addictive and inspirational on many levels.
Dior's Atelier and staff
  1. I often fantasize about moving to Europe and working in a atelier, becoming a mixologist, having a hobby farm, and being able to eat anything I want without gaining a pound or clogging an artery
April in Wisconsin
  1. I am cold most of the time and it makes me cranky! and yet my husband still loves me and can laugh together about how this California girl ended up living in a place that has long winters and cool summers.
Winter Formal 77-78.  Vogue pattern
  1. I am never truly satisfied with anything I do...seriously it's pretty nuts.  If I was not so compelled to finish things, nothing would make it on my back, or to my clients.  When I was younger I just thought I was to lazy to get it right, and of course as I have gotten older my skills have improved, and I have a history of garments to look back upon and think " Why weren't you happy with that"?  So I remind myself of this in the middle of every project.
  • Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs
  1. The Dreamstress  Leimomi Oakes is the Dreamstress, a textile historian, seamstress, designer, speaker and museum professional.  Her posts are humorous and informative.
  2. The Little Red Squirrel is determined to live a handmade life with vintage flair.  She is a talented sewist and knitter and like me is now learning how to crochet.
  3. the nest effect  tiffany at the nest effect has helped me to get organized and declutter my life.  She offers lots of free printables to help with this and lots and lots of great suggestions.  
Thanks again Mary for the award and mention.  


  1. Hey! Thanks for the tag! I picked up the award and I am very flattered to be named here .... I have to admit that this post amused me to know some "secrets" of yours, so thank you very much!

  2. Congratulations and a big "Thank You" to you! I am honored! (and blushing). This will be a great post for me to write while I'm figuring out the next step in my new "relationship" ;-D

    Love the "extreme sewing" shoe pics!

  3. Thank you Lynne! I received this award from another lady too, but I will adjust my post to give your name as well... you are so sweet! It was so interesting to read more about you...

    1. These were my 3 original award winners. Blogs I still enjoy following:)


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