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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saturdays Sewing Cafe

As per usual Saturdays Sewing Cafe proved to be inspirational, productive and fun. It began with Sarah arriving first thing in the morning, excited to get to her sewing. Last time we were together Sarah had cut out her very first dress and learned about the tedium (some people think its tedious) of correctly marking all of her dots and notches. She bravely muscled through it but was really looking forward to the actual sewing know the part that makes you feel like you might actually have a garment someday? The first thing she got to sew was 4 darts, 2 for the bodice and another 2 for the lining. Because we had done a fba for her and the bodice ends just below the bust line this created a very abrupt pointy dart....completely undesirable. 

The solution requires curving the dart legs.  The pencil line in this picture represents the original dart legs and the red line represents the required change.  This softens the shape and provides for a fuller bust.

Candy arrived next....very unusual as she usually arrives before I do, in fact when I didn't see her car parked out front, I wondered if I had the right day.  Seriously-lol 
But it was the right day and she was eager to make some progress on her winter is warming up you know?  She made great progress, setting her sleeves attaching her collars, then sewing her lining in.  Quite remarkable progress.

In the afternoon, we had 2 new Learn to Sew students arrive along with George.  George finished up the sleeves on his shirt, and got the hemming done.  His shirt reminds me of  the Lone Ranger

It is this same style but in a nice cream twill and without the welt pockets.  George is planning on tackling a corduroy sports coat next.  How exciting is that?

Our two new students a mother daughter team, Jessica and Susan learned how to use their machines, about the basic notions and supplies and how to sew and press a proper seam.  Once they had the basics down Jessica started on a dog jacket from a pattern by Green Pepper.  Interestingly she chose a leopard printed minky I have had my eye on for a hoodie, I kept trying to figure out how to work it into my active wear wardrobe, even though the colors were wrong.  I am not sure how I feel about the fact that its now keeping some nice family dog warm and cute...r.  Susan is a triathlete and wants to make a t-shirt quilt using all of her racing T's.  Fun!!

Elizabeth arrived mid-morning and I was completely out of the loop on what her days projects was going to be, but I knew she would surprise and charm us.  Her beau is a Star Wars fan, and he has a family member who is due to have a child of undetermined sex soon.  In enters Elizabeth and her keen desire for a unique gift.  One of her sewing books suggested appliqueing t-shirts for children, which she found perfectly charming..because it is, but of course now we need to tie in the Star Wars theme...right?  Of course.  After a brief artistic consultation, our designer produced these:
Now you know that if Elizabeth is involved a book is sure to follow.  So here you see the inspiration for these adorable onsies.  Each letter represents a planet in the "Star Wars" galaxy.  Can you guess which ones?  I will get you started, A is for Alderon...E is for_______________?

Using her Bernina machine she stategically stitched the name of each planet onto her fabric to create a cute patch. 

Well that's it for this weeks Sewing Cafe at Nicolet.  Our next Saturday class will be held on the 26th, and don't forget to sign up by this Thursday the 17th.

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