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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dapper Day

Suggested fashions from a brochure printed in 1960 by Jack Wrather of the Disneyland Hotel.

This stellar brochure was posted on Kevin Kidneys  facebook page.  Trust me if you like vintage Disneyana you will want to checkout his blog  .  Kevin and his partner produce some amazing work.

Now I had the great good fortune of growing up in California about 45 minutes away from Disneyland, and therefore have some fine childhood memories of the parks early years.  My sisters often celebrated their birthdays there, and over the years it has become a traditional family vacation zone, thus producing the pictures you see below.  My favorite area of the park...Frontierland! 

Remember Knee Socks?  This outfit is quite dapper for Frontierland...Thanks Mom.  I am guessing this was taken about 1966.

Here we have the popular "pixie" hair cut and I am wearing a plaid jumper no doubt with another pair of knee socks.  Mickey is looking pretty dapper himself, as always. Fortunately this picture has the date posted on the side...why did they stop doing that?...anyway it says Dec 1969

A totally different kind of dapper is this.  Ah the 80's..why do we always say it like that?...its kind of starting to look good to me now.  I am in the center kneeling down, with my sister Adele to the left and my sister Bonny to the right, and that's my always and still stylish mom behind me.

 This is how we looked in Tomorrowland...and we did.

Remember the days when restaurants had dress codes?  Why we dressed up in our best clothes to get on a plane, or a train.  We certainly always dressed for a special occasion, like going to Disneyland.  Do you recall having to wear dresses to school? What was your favorite childhood outfit?  Did you have a family member that sewed for you, and did that inspire you to sew?

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  1. Lol! I learned to sew because of too many plaid hand-me-downs my mom made me where in the '60's!


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