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Friday, February 11, 2011

Student progress

 Technically this young girl is not one of my students, but I could not resist sharing a picture that Elizabeth shared with me. 

Elizabeth is mentoring this young girl in the art of sewing.  Here she is proudly displaying a very fancy sleep mask and her1st project the apron with a personal and unique pocket design.

It's a good feeling isn't it to see the smile that only making something yourself can bring.  Good job Elizabeth for sharing your skills with someone else. 

Check the schools where you live to see if they also offer a mentoring program.  You too could be sharing your sewing skills with an interested youth.  4-H also provides the opportunity for volunteering to teach sewing.
 Paula completed her drawstring active wear pants.  These pants were made using McCalls 4261, and they were easily completed during class time. 

Seeing as how Paula works out everyday I can only imagine how much of a work out these pants will get.

She is back from LA and looking forward to sharing her new fabric purchases with us. That will be something else to look forward to.

She also completed her skirt that she had started before leaving on her trip.  Thanks Paula for taking these pictures for us.

The skirt appears to be a linen color here, but its actually a silvery grey.  It has some lovely seaming to it which is reminiscent of a 30's bias gown, and its that seaming which provides the gracful sweep to the skirt.  We did have to alter the length of this skirt which was a bit tricky because of the circular shape of the pattern piece, but it looks like it turned out nicely. 

Peg is headed off to Daytona for her annual trip.  She made this bag for her knitting projects...its quite the satchel!  She modified an existing pattern adding the zippered closure, the dowls at the top, and the exteriour pocket.  She free motion quilted the canvas

 As always customized her zipper fob, and you gotta love the triangular thats going the extra distance yes?
Had to have a shot of her additional pockets inside.  This Satchel took her 3 full days to sew and its a beautiful example of Pegs work.  She loves designing, customizing and problem solving her way through all kinds of bags, totes, book covers, and organizers.

Great work to one and all!!

Saturday's class is sure to provide more inspiration and hopefully some additional pictures.

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