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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue News, Inspiration and free shipping

The recent news from Nicolet is that this Saturdays(2-26-11) Sewing Cafe class has been canceled :(   I am still waiting to hear about Marches Friday sessions. 

So I will admit to feeling blue about this, which led to my being drawn to .....

Blue Buttons.....

Now that I am selling some items on Etsy, I have been doing more shopping there and thought I would expose you to the wonderful world of artisans to be found.


"These are so sweet with a pale water blue center, and pale avocado edge with robin egg blue dots. "
Each measures 1 1/8" inches.  The set of 3 retails for $15.00 
 Click on the link above to get yours today or to see the other beautiful buttons and items she makes from her Michigan home.
 Another blue button.....

This next button is from LeAnn at Unique Buttons and she is offering free shipping to anyone who mentions Sewing Cafe when they place their first order!!  Thanks LeAnn
Unique Buttons "My buttons are handmade one at a time in my studio
Beautifully painted art glazes on this button ~just the right mix of 2 shades of Blue
Size ~ 1.25" diameter ~ one button as shown
Perfect for that special garment ~ sweater, jacket, shawl, scarf ~ or let your imagination and creativity guide you. If you need a special color, e-mail me.
These buttons can be washed on the gentle cycle with the garment turned inside out or hand washed. They are one of a kind and each button will vary in design.

Can you tell I am ready for spring ...even spring showers?  Here is a little inspiration in blue, which makes me feel a lot less blue and has started me daydreaming about ..... red shoes if I were to tell the truth.


What is not to love about this gorgeous dress?  Its a teal and black....has rhinestone buckles....and could not be more flattering!  Its a vintage 50's dress beautifully made, kept and photographed.  LOVE IT. 

To wear this dress in Wisconsin would require a wrap of some nature...closed possibly with a ceramic button?  White fur perhaps?  What are your thoughts.

Where would you like to use those buttons?  A jacket, purse, pillow or....? Do tell.


  1. Hiya, thought I'd wander over from Brittanys blog and say 'hello'. =)

    I've got enough on my hands with my very slow going home renovation project (the source of most of my blues ha ha) but I wanted to say, I was born and raised, and still live in southern California, and I went to Disneyland most every birthday too! (One of your older posts).

    Your photos cheered me up. I still have a photo of me around age 8, wearing a puple mini skirt and black go-go boots that were just coming into style. Real hip for 8 ha ha ha!

    Those were fun times back then, weren't they? =D

  2. Oh, P.S., I see you are now in WI. My Mom came from WI to CA! =D

    Now she did a lot of sewing. She loved making her own rag dolls. I've posted some on my blog here and there, but that's what she loved to do!

  3. @ atomic ranch - I wore go-go boots to my 8th birthday party!! Have you gone over to Kevin Kidney's site? He has some great vintage disney memorbilia.

    I will have to come check out your moms rag dolls, those were some of the first projects my mother taught her 3 girls to sew.

    So glad I could help you smile...that's special.

  4. The guy who has the blog called "Gorillas Don't Blog", or something like that? Yes I have, if that's the case!

    I've also posted photos of Disneyland right before it opened when my folks came out here. All Dad could do was take photos from the dirt parking lot, but I'm glad I still have them. =)


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