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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wonder Woman Cape

 My sentiments exactly Edna! 

Capes are deceptively simple looking items, and yet they are not really simple at all.  Lots of seams on this one inparticular and flat fell seams at that.  Each seam gets stitched 3 times and pressed aggressively 4 times.  This one is quite slippery and the more segments you add to it, the more it wants to lay on the floor and not on my sewing table.  Its like holding liquid without a cup. 
 But of course its that fluidity which makes it move so beautifully during a spin say....
 Chuck is excited to see this replica cape sewn up and on the form, but no more then I am.  It still needs its hem and of course the stars, its not really a Wonder Woman cape without those.
The cape on the floor is my muslin with the beginning of the star pattern laid out.  Its not complete, but I felt complete enough for me to feel comfortable with the proportions.  Monday I will begin applying the stars, if I can get them all sequined in time.  This should keep me occupied while the hem is dropping out in preparation for sewing.


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