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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Class News

The good news is that Sewing Cafe at Nicolet will be held on  Saturday February 12th!  Unfortunately Friday classes have been canceled .  So as a reminder because I did receive a few e-mails after the cancellation.  The school now requires us to be registered 9 days prior to the class start date.  This apparently includes the weekend.  Next month because the Friday classes start on March 4th the class is #61908 or 60917 and you will need to be registered by February 25th.  Additionally you will need to signed up by Feb18th for Saturdays Feb.26th class. 

To complicate the matter a little further I will remind you that the Friday sessions in March and April failed to get listed in Nicolet's Calendar, but the registration office has them in the computer.  As always the schedule is posted on the sidebar here at Sewing Cafe.

Some more good news is that it looks as if our standard room will now be #107 at the Birchwood Center. Its a lovely space with windows, plenty of tables, and outlets and as always a large screen for our Internet shopping and movie viewing.

Please keep sewing everyone, and let me know what your working on.  Feel free to post questions here or e-mail me directly.  Pictures are always welcome of course.

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