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Friday, February 4, 2011

Wonder Woman-Cape

 This week in the studio we(meaning my faithful sidekick Peg) and I created a muslin mock up of the Wonder Woman Cape.  This will now allow me to lay out the star pattern to check the proportions of the gores. 
You might also notice that there is a seam on the red side of the cape, below the word muslin.  This is true to the original cape, but the placement is not quite correct yet, as it needs to sit at least 3" higher.
Could not resist posting this picture of Lynda Carter in the original costume.  She could certainly sell it!  I do have to say the cape especially mocked up in the cotton reminded me of corn dogs, fairgrounds, and circus tents, but as soon as you team it with the bodysuit....!.Well it's like any good marriage the parts compliment each other to create a better whole.  What do you remember about the show?  Did you ever pretend you were Wonder Woman saving the world?  How badly did you want those boots?


  1. Lynne, when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old I received a gift of pastel yellow (with the red bustier and blue shorties printed on)Wonder Woman underoos. I wore those under my clothes all winter until they practically disintegrated and then I wore them all summer as pajamas. You know I think WW is the BEST super hero because she uses accessories as weapons.

  2. Are you making the Boots as well ?

  3. I'm passing out, waking up, & passing out again. You are a creative sewing goddess. Where. Are. The. Boots?

    I'm liking you on FB & loving this whole thing. I must have every single bit of it.

    You're my shero!


    Gigi Rising on FB


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