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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wonder Woman Cape - Seeing Stars

 There are a lot of stars on the Wonder Woman cape.  92 was my last count!  That's a lot of stars.

I spent the day pouring over reference pictures and carefully plotting out the complete star pattern onto the cape.  The striped side is easier as the color seperation kind of creates a graph for you to identify the placement.  The red side on the other hand is a little more difficult, because they are just floating in this very large field of red. 

I did not realize when I began that there were small blue stars on the cape, so they are represented by some cut outs that I made from the blue muslin.  In addition there is one large blue star which I also did not spot until today. 

The stars are still only pinned in place. My goal for tomorrow is to get them all attached.
Each star gets a sequin held on by a seed bead.

A knot is tied on the back.  Do you see my poor needle? it was not meant to sew through iron on adheasive, poor thing. 

 This batch is for the red side, with a few blue ones missing in action.  I was rather surprised by the number of red stars.  They are hard to spot in the reference due to the red on red issue, but the highlight of the sequin revealed their locations.

Whew! that's a lot of stars, but they do make her look fabulous.


  1. Did you actually iron on the appliqued stars or how did you attach them after putting in the bead and its backing? I'm just about to do one now and wondered.

  2. OMG! I need your help! lol. For 3 years now I've finished my Wonder Woman Cape, BUT! for the life of me I can NOT find a site or store that will sell me S M and L red, white and blue stars! Please help!

  3. You did WONDERful work with that cape, wish I could complete mine FULLY done with the stars and sequins.


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