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Saturday, February 11, 2012

UFO Progress - Indygo Jacket Complete

Sweet!!  My "bed jacket" is complete.  I finished sewing the buttons on last night. 
Don't you think they are perfect? What a find at MJ trim.
I wish I could better express the scrumptious feel of the jacket.  It's quilted layers feel more like a sweater then a jacket due to the fact that there is no interfacing or traditional tailored structuring.
The silk lining against the skin...don't think I need to say much on that score.
The slightly bell sleeve adds to the comfort, no binding at the elbow or bicep.

For a recap....we have a wool and angora blend fabric which has been hand quilted with silk thread to the silk charmeuse lining. 
 The princess and cuff seams are lapped and wrapped in the silk lining.  
The lapels have a self designed primitive flower quilted on them. Which is echoed on the upper back panel as well.
All of the interior seams are neatly hidden.

I changed the hem line to  swoop in the back.  It's very flattering on and protects my lower back from being exposed to the cold morning air.
You can also see the silk bound shoulder seam from this angle.

The back princess seams open to a lapped vent from waist to hem.
The quilting pattern that runs up the back panel is worked in 3 colors of silk thread - teal, brown, and mint greeen

The cuffs have wool applique, needle felting, embroidery and echo quilting.
The hem is also bound with the silk lining.
The buttonholes are hand worked in a teal silk thread (doubled), something I do not do very often, but I think they add just the right touch here.  Quite a bit more delicate then the pattern suggests, but the entire jacket is delicate I think. 

Here we have my project scanner is out of comissh, so I had to take a picture of it. 
 As you can see this idea was launched in 2007 which I believe was when I purchased the wool fabric at a Minnesota sewing expo.  I officially started sewing on it in August of 2011, put it aside for 4 months and committed to finishing it as my "Git R Done" resolution of 2012
The entire project cost $105.00 

You can see the the progress posts at the links below.

Indygo Jacket - 1st post  you can see the pattern, progress and interior seaming here.
                         2nd post  the hand quilting and sleeve seam finish

This pattern was simple to put together, my additions proved labor intensive though.  Needless to say you could machine quilt your layers, or do a standard lining in it and then it would go together quite quickly.  That having been said , I found it a very suitable pattern for additional you just might want to get creative.  The original instructions are complete and easy to follow.  You may or may not want to amend the sleeve cuff ( see 2nd post) and if you have a full upper arm you will need to adjust your sleeve pattern as you normally would.

Jillybe asked me earlier why I was calling it a "bed jacket" and primarily that is because it was inspired by the lounging pajamas from glamour movies of the 30's and 40s.  In those movies even middle class "broads"
had the must outrageous lounging costumes.  
I just think every women needs just such a garment. 

 Let's crawl out of our sweatpants and slip on something luxurious. We deserve it:)


  1. This is really fabulous! Yay for getting it done. It would have been so sad if you'd never finished it. And the buttons are just darling. Happy lounging!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I agree..."Yay" I have been on cloud nine ever since.

  2. Wow. Just wow. Your details are so high-leveled. I never recognized this pattern- yours is so dramatic and lovely. I gush. Then I gush some more.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments. It just goes to show how several years of research and development along with months of labor can elevate your project- lol

  3. What a labor of love. Enjoy lounging in this beautiful bed jacket. I enjoyed reading the project sheet also. I use 3x5 cards, but I am going to try your method on my next sewing project.

  4. I totally agree with your comment about lounging in luxury. I'm learning to do that more and more. And luxurious it is! Great job!

    Your sketch/record keeping is fabulous too...I'm still trying to figure out what will work for me (aka, the lazy approach lol)

  5. Yeah on finishing a UFO! It is a gorgeous jacket. I love the embellishment on the lower sleeves. My thoughts when you described it as a bed jacket were “surely she is going to wear this gorgeous jacket somewhere besides in bed.” and your description of the extended back "protects my lower back from being exposed to the cold morning air" created some funny visuals (remember I thought you were wearing it in bed). But I am now clear on why you used the bed jacket description. Glad you explained.

  6. Oh Lynne I love it! It's beautiful, congratulations on finishing it! Thanks for joining me on my UFO/Stash Busting Challenge, do you think I could use your beautiful jacket in a post about how everyone is getting on?


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