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Friday, February 24, 2012

Union Jack Playboy Bunny Costume Complete

 This is the completed replica Union Jack Playboy Bunny costume I embellished.

Which is to say that I did not make the base suit for this costume, but was sent the suit with reference photos in order to add the Union Jack Flag embellishment.

Lot's of handwork!

When the Playboy Bunny Clubs first opened this was considered a scandalous outfit...obviously long before Hooters or Strip clubs became common fodder.  
Now it just seems rather quaint.  The girls were schooled in how to properly bend at the knees to serve their drinks so as not to flash to much cleavage at the clientele....honestly.

This 3/4 view shows the lacing which was dyed to match the blue satin, and the iconic bunny tail.  

My dress form is a little more swayback and has a smaller waist then this suit so we do get some wrinkles across the back.

In order to sew the ribbon on I did need to open the costume at the side seam and crotch.

This suit has a placket under the eyelets which protects your hose from the rough edges.  The earlier suits had you place the eyelet in backwards so that the rough side sat on the front.  The placket is a great idea but does make placing the eyelets quite a bit more difficult.

How fun is this vintage picture of the gals greeting Hugh Hefner at Heathrow airport for the opening of the London clubs.

This is the only picture I have with ears embellished in this way.

Speaking of the ears.

Can you believe they went to the trouble of adding this extra detail.  Not all of the reference pictures I had showed this version, but my client of course wanted this special touch.

Makes you want to stand to attention yes?

Even the sides of the headband are decorated!

This is my charming husband Chuck Williams
"pick'n" at it. - LOL

Chuck is my art director and being a sculptor has a fine eye for the details.  He likes to point out stray threads, missing beads or askew trim.....I will admit sometimes it tries my patience but he has helped me to elevate the quality of my work and is an excellent 2nd pair of eyes when you need it.

Thanks for that hon:)

What do we think dear readers...
cute or scandalous?


  1. It's very cute...what a fun commission.

  2. I'll vote for: scandalously cute! ;)

  3. Incredible job. Well done Lynne. I also vote for scandalously cute! Although it´s not any more scandalous the other beautiful Wonder Woman costume

  4. Hey! Thank you for your compliment on my embroidery dress...I am IN LOVE with this Union Jack outfit! So following your blog now, I love it!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I love this outfit!!! Especially with British I go nuts. I love it!! :)

  6. "You should make copies of your bunny suit to sell to the public to buy with reseasonable prices."

    "You'd never guess how many women would die for the real thing!"

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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