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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project Organization - The Notebook & A Give Away

Here we have another installment on how I organize my sewing projects. 
 To see the first installment  click here

This is the note book I keep all my sewing projects in.  
It is a standard 3 ring notebook with vinyl cover The vinyl cover allows you to slide in a paper of your choice to help identify the contents....or to just make attractive.
I used some scrapbook paper by Cosmo Cricket called " Material Girl"

How could I possibly resist that?

Inside my notebook I store my:

                                                                   1.   Personal Croquie
                                                                   2.  My measurement form along with family members forms
                                                                   3.  Sewing Project Worksheets
                                                                   4.  Completed projects - which get filed towards the back
                                                                   5.  Fabric Swatches from stash 

For my fabric swatches I use index cards and I record :

                                                                    1.  Yardage amount
                                                                    2.  Fiber content and washing instructions
                                                                    3. Store where purchased
                                                                    4. How much I payed and saved if on sale
                                                                    5. Date of purchase

I also keep "Preferred measurements" cards in my notebook as well, but I will leave that for another post:)

The advantages to using a system like this, is that it removes the fear and clutter from my brain.  The fear of course being that I will forget some project and the clutter.....well the less said about that the better-lol

Once it goes into the notebook I can move onto more designing and creating. When I am ready to add a project into the rotation I look through my notebook and decide what is appropriate for the season, and difficulty level I am currently willing to add to the mix. It also provides a record of techniques, interfacing and alterations, which is very useful when doing a similar project.

In general I have 3-4 projects going at time.  This generally means that one is in pattern stage, one is in construction and one is handwork intensive.  When I am working on a project it gets removed from the notebook and pinned to my  bulletin board.

I challenge you to try this with 3 projects.  Download the form, or make one yourself, fill them out and see if you don't feel a sense of calm:) 
Comment about your results and I will do a random drawing for a custom note book give-away


  1. What a great idea! I am not so well organised :) but I am also more into starting something and finishing it completely before I move onto something else... I like the idea of keeping track of the fabrics; cost and care instructions, all in one place.

  2. I am not very organised either...sometimes the mess drives me insane. The only positive thing is that I don't start a new project until the previous is done. Thanks for sharing your worksheet...I will give it a try

  3. this is a nice system!


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