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Friday, February 3, 2012

Craftsy Block of the Month for January

I like to keep abreast with the big wide world of quilting.  Many of my students are quilters and I like to use quilting as a means of teaching accuracy in cutting and sewing.  Oh yeah and its fun.
So when I learned about the Block of the Month class by Amy Gibson and learned that it was free...Well  what an opportunity to learn some new techniques and learn about as well.

Each month, on the first of the month you learn by video tutorial and printable instructions how to make 2- 12 " blocks.  Once you are registered you can access the class at any time , as many times as you want and for as long as you want!  Such a Deal right?

Yesterday,  I sewed up my blocks for January.  

Presenting the Asterisk block - Lesson one in strip quilting....

and the Wonky # block.  Fun right?

I have been wanting to play with some bright and fresh colors and this project will provide the perfect opportunity.  
This is one of the aspects I enjoy about quilting it allows me to explore some fun and new color combinations.

This is a combination of some newly purchased fat quarters that I have mixed in with some stash fabrics.
I love the ric rack print:) Think I will need more of that:)

Then I found some awesome prints at Whipstitch that I want to add..but there are so many cool choices it will be fun deciding.

Quilting classes are not the only thing offered at fact Susan Khalje is offering a dress course which I would highly recommend if you want to improve your garment sewing skills.  She is a knowledgeable instructor and for those of us in remote locations this is a great opportunity to take a class from her.

And have I mentioned that I have wanted to learn how to crochet....can you believe I don't know this already?

Have you taken any classes over at Craftsy yet?  
Which one?  
Do you quilt or are you a garment purist?
Are you a quilter, who we needs to be encouraged to sew garments?  Cuz  I love to help others broaden their skills and interests :)


  1. I've done 3 classes at Craftsy
    Pictorial Quilting- which was awesome, and a technique I plan to use again.

    Stupendous Stitching- which is the most amazing quilting thing I've ever done, I want to make a series of these art pieces.

    Sewing Studio- which I was disappointed in, it was very basic, not what I expected. It advertised teaching "fitting", but didn't really say much more than "take in from the side seams". I actually used the guarantee on this one, and withdrew from the class.

    Oh- I'm also doing the BOM class.

    I find at "half price" these classes are well worth it, but too expensive at full price.

    I wish they would post materials lists ahead of time. I've had to buy expensive feet (the invisible zipper foot- which costs just a few dollars for some machines, but $40 for a bernina...) That would effect my enrollment decision, and materials is why I won't do the painted quilt class. I don't know what I am getting into.

    1. Thanks for commenting:) I agree it would be nice to see a material list ahead of time.

      My solution to Bernina's expensive feet is to purchase their adapter foot and then I can use my old singer feet. This has saved me money in the long run.

  2. I am working on the Craftsy quilting class as well! I love the way your blocks turned out! I still need to finish mine and get caught up!

    I have completed a few of the knitting classes from Stephanie Japel - they are great! I have also started the Sew Retro class from Gertie and hope to take the one from Susan Khajle that you mentioned above. This platfrom is so great for projects. I love it!

    1. I adore Stephanie Japel's patterns. I have her fitted knits book and I go back to it time and again, so many good looks in there. I would imagine a class from her would be stellar.

      I guess I need to get over to Craftsy and check in to see what everyone's blocks are looking like so far.

  3. I have just joined the Couture dress class. I am a garment purist (I like to make my clothes or at least learn!) and make occasional accessories like bags, pouches, etc. I never made a quilt...I don't really have the space for it yet, plus where i live modern quilting fabric is hard to find or expensive.

    I am all into learning couture techniques to achieve professional finish.

    BTW, just saw your comment over at Frabjous Couture on Uniquely You dress forms...I am intrigued now!

    1. I am so excited for you and will look forward to your posts on the class. Quilting is expensive and I do enjoy making them for our home but I am far to practical to sew quilts exclusively.

      Isn't fine garment sewing the most rewarding pastime? I do so enjoy it.

      It was funny when I saw her post because I had been thinking about doing a post on dressforms. A review of the available options....

    2. I'd love to hear your professional view on dressforms! I am been considering one but in the end if it's not exactly your double I wonder if it's worth it. It would be good to know what not to expect from a dressform

  4. It is interesting how the internet is replacing traditional methods of learning.... I have done both quilting and dressmaking but I am more into the latter recently :) I learnt all I know from my mother and grandmothers, and I intend to teach my own daughter the same way.

  5. From your garments I can see that all of the women in your family had a real talent for the art form. How fortunate for you and your daughter.

    My daughter had little interest in learning how to sew. She was a little intimidated by the industrial machines poor dear, but did enjoy doing handwork.


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