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Sunday, January 29, 2012

UFO Progress report - Indigo Junction Jacket IJ741

 Something has come over me....I find myself once again committing myself to new projects!
How does this happen when clearly I have plenty of unfinished projects to keep me busy...quite busy.
My new schedule is allowing me more time to sew...but let's not get carried away Lynne
Maybe an intervention is in order.
When last we left this project it looked very ...very similar to this, but there has been some progress.

The hem is complete.

If you look closely you can now see the sashiko stitching in silk thread up the center back.
I have also made progress on the other sleeve.

The hand quilting is completed.
I accomplished this by basting the wool and silk layers together ( long white thread)
Marking 1" lines with a chalk wheel 
Then I did a hand quilting or running stitch.
This does not take as long as you think it will....really:)

I am careful to not do my running stitch to close to the seam line because I will need room to press the seam open once it has been machine sewn.  I pin the silk lining out of the way because I don't want to catch it in the seam.

After my seam is sewn I press it open using a seam stick.  This prevents me from pressing a crease in the silk lining.

Once the seam has been pressed open I can lay the silk over the seam and hand stitch it closed.
I will do this tonight while watching Downtown Abbey.
I will also fix this little annoyance...

Do you see how the hem is uneven....Argh.  This is a basic pattern mistake which really rather irritates me.  It's also a rather common mistake. 
But what irritates me more is that I let it get this far....why?
When I trued up the pattern, I did not fix it...and this is something I specifically look for!
When I sewed up my cuff all I needed to do was trim it even with the front hem before I hand bound the hemline!  Each time I encountered this issue I just kept thinking " Oh for goodness sake Lynne, lighten up, its a bed jacket"  Ah yeah, a bed jacket I will be spending many many many hours on.  

If your going to do it to the best of your ability.

Clearly this needs to be fixed especially since I didn't let it get this far on the other cuff - lol
So tonight..while watching Downtown Abbey this will be ripped back to the point where I can make it right.

Do you ever see a problem coming and do nothing to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem?
 Will I ever stop this?  
Please share your similar experiences with me..
I need to know I am not the only one who pursues such a foolish course. 


  1. I can't believe this is going to be a BED jacket! It looks like it's going to be way too much fun to hid away in the comfort of home....

    Oh, those little voices that say "fix this NOW...." & how adept we can be at ignoring them. Or listening to other squeaky little voice that says "Aw c'mon, it'll be all right...."

    You are not alone.

  2. I think you are absolutely right to fix it up. Minor imperfections in my sewing that I have noticed and not bothered to fix up straight away quickly become more and more obvious to my own eyes, and end up annoying me to the point where I cannot bear to wear something, no matter how much time I spent on it! You are not alone!

  3. Thanks for your support ladies.

    I am always telling my students to not point out the "faults" of their garments when others compliment them...We all do it right? They say " oh your jacket is so lovely" and you say " thanks, except for where I didn't get this quite right" Completely unnecessary.

    But you are so right Carolyn, I have things I tried to overlook and then cringe every time I even think of wearing's worth the time to make it right.

    Fixed it last big deal really and now my sleeve is ready to set:)

  4. Yes, I do this also in my rush to complete some portion of a garment. I KNOW it's a mistake, or less than perfect, but to stop and fix it makes me think I'll lose momentum. What really happens is that, with enough of them, the minor imperfections becomes glaringly obvious to me and steal joy from the overall project. This hobby is tailor made for deliberate and detail oriented people.


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