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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

UFO Progress Pos t- Indigo Junction Jacket

This is the simple Indigo Junction Pattern that launched my less then simple Bed Jacket.

I have made some progress on it since we last saw it listed as a UFO from August 2011

Of course this was done back in August when after tracing the pattern onto Pattern Ease I pinned it together for a test fitting.  This is not something I normally do as I have not found it a reliable means of fitting, but I thought that with a loose, soft jacket it would suffice.
I of course had to shorten the length of the sleeve which I did above the cuff point.
I created a narrower fit through the back waist, and took some of the swing out of the front.
I also decided to taper the hem a touch, so that it sweeps a bit to the back.

The recent progress I have made is:
1- completing the needle felting and embroidery on both cuffs.
2 - hemming and attaching the cuff to the sleeve
3 - Sewing the shoulder seams and binding them with silk
4 - Have begun finishing the hem by wrapping the lining to the right side and doing a hand applique stitch to secure.

This is the glass button I will be using for the front closure.  A stellar find at MJ Trims.

hand quilting on jacket with hem at top of screen

This is the inside back of the jacket.
If you look closely you can see the hand quilting which holds the silk lining to the Angora/wool face fabric.
As hard as I tried I could not get a good picture of this from the outside, as it is very subtle.  
The hand stitching is done in a silk thread and the pattern runs up the center back and I repeated part of the motif on the front lapels.  
The rest of the body is channel stitched at 1" intervals

This sleeve still needs it channel quilting.  Fortunately it is the only garment piece that still requires this.  Once the sleeve layers are quilted together the cuff will get attached and then the sleeves will be ready to set:)

I am still deciding how I want to do the buttonhole as well as finish the center front and lapel edge.  
I am also considering adding a bit of a mandarin collar as well, because I am always cold and having something on my neck seems to help.

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  1. Wow. What magnificent work. The handquilting and the felting embroidery are works of art alone. This jacket is going to be really something... you are an inspiration!


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