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Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring Wardrobe 2011

After much agonizing...really?  I have decided on these fabrics from my stash to sew for Spring. 
  1. Blush silk charmeuse - I plan on converting the collar to a mandarin with a small ruffle and detachable jabot. 
  2. Rayon Lycra - I am thinking this will be a wrap cardigan
  3. Silk Chiffon- I have another piece similar to this, but with a slightly different stripe to combine for a Revisions blouse
  4. Poly Georgette - Although I pasted in a picture of a skirt, what I really want is a 3 tiered knee length number.
  5. Cotton voile- This gorgeous print came from Sawyer Brook and I have some cotton lace trim I dyed for another project which I will be using with it.  The Vogue designer blouse is quite dramatic.
  6. Silk Seersucker- This will be a sleeveless blouse with gathering at the neckline.
  7. Wool plaid - Discovered at Mill End in Eau Claire.  I think it will make a perfect little jumper.
  8. Silk- Again from Sawyer Brook, and it will be a high waisted pencil skirt.  I have enough to add a little jacket as well, but just have not decided on the style.  Any ideas?
  9. Creme Wool Gabardine - Vintage Vogue jacket.  This fabric was purchased from Britex along with the most fabulous cord buttons.  I will be changing the roll line on the jacket to adjust to a 2 button closure instead of 3.
In all honesty I will be thrilled if I manage to get 4 of these items done. This does not even take into consideration casual wear, for which I have some neutral and knits for....Yikes! 

If you have some time and want to be greatly inspired check out the guest palettes at Collette patterns, just click on the Spring Wardrobe Challenge button in the sidebar.  There are some mighty talented woman out there who are planning on looking simply fabulous this spring.
Where do you think I should begin? Do you have a favorite? A least favorite?

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  1. I love the colors of your palette. I'm so over winter and need some bright colors in my life! I love the Vogue jacket.


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