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Monday, December 13, 2010

Elizabeths Rogue sewing

As some of you may already know Elizabeth has the audacity to sew when she is not in class!  Its shocking I realize, but we need not feel left out because she taunts me with photos of her creations.  The first were sent from a spa and resort...yes you heard correctly.  Apparently between facials and hot rock massages she started on her dolls, but the dolls only had appropriate spa wear and can not be shown to the general public without the proper undergarments on.  Once she returned home she was able to focus on a more public wardrobe.   So, let me properly introduce you to Laura and Mary Ingalls.  These precious sisters have hair made from wool felt and their aprons are cleverly made from old hankies.  I am told they will be presented on Christmas morning in their own special case, with the book "Little House on the Praire" and doll bed lovingly made by dad.  Which of course means they need bed clothes............
And here they are all ready to be tucked into bed.  Elizabeth you do our little sewing group proud.  Keep up the good work, especially your rogue sewing.   What little girl wouldn't treasure these?  Do you have a doll from childhood that brings back fond memories?  I know I do.


  1. These are precious!

  2. Love'em. Did she use a pattern? If so, which one and where can I get it?

  3. Hey, Michelle! I got the pattern from a book called *Sewing for Children* by Emma Hardy. The projects are for actual children (ha ha) and show the doll bodies made out of felt and whipstiched on the outside. Instead, I drew on seam allowance and made them out of cotton. I also embroidered the faces (just freehand) instead of glueing on felt faces like the book suggested. Laura & Mary's outfits, though, are from patterns I drew myself. The book is really fun, and I look forward to making more projects out of it!

  4. Also, Lynne--the dolls are for a birthday present on New Year's Eve (a young lady turning 3) and it's my brother who is building the doll bed (and it's taking forever and ever!)


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