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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Bishop Method of Sewing

The Mad Men sew along has me researching fashion from the late 50's to the early 60's  This has led me to watching some movies as well as digging through my library of sewing and fashion books, which in turn led me to the books you see at left. Last summer I found these wonderful books by Edna Bishop at a yard sale. They are chock full of still useful methods, and techniques which are very clearly photographed, explained and illustrated.

To my great glee inside there was also an invitation to a fitting seminar that The Fabric Shoppe (also in Minocqua) hosted in 1981. Unfortunately this was before I moved to the area. Does anyone have any information about this store?

I don't know if you can read this(it 's a little out of focus) but this seminar featured a coffee reception followed by a lecture and demonstration entitled " Magic of Perfect Fitting"".   A luncheon provided by The Holiday Inn Supper Club and wrapping up with a drawing and door prizes. 

From the typed flyer to the door prizes the whole event reminds me of my Grandmother...another Edna who helped arrange for similar events through her women's clubs.  It all seems so civilized.

I wonder how many women attended? I can only assume that the previous owner of my books did.  From the notes in the margins I can see she enjoyed her books and I hope that she would be pleased to know that they made it into the hands of another lover of the craft of sewing.

In Chapter One of "Fashion Sewing By the Bishop Method" entitled "The Well Dressed Woman" she advises us to ask these questions before every garment purchase, or for that matter when we choose a pattern/fabric combination.

  1. How will it wear?
  2. Will it keep its shape?
  3. Will it become dated?
  4. Where will it take me?
  5. How does it fit into my life?
I think you would agree, that those are excellent questions to ask ourselves.  When I read this list to my husband he suggested that these are the very questions we should ask about a potential marriage mate.  Hmmm, he might have something there

If you want to learn more about the Bishop Method of Sewing the link above is her official website, and if you would like to pick up one of her books, you can find them on Amazon for cheap!

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