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Friday, December 24, 2010

Active Wear Sew Along

Earlier I had asked all of you about doing a Sew Along in January due to us not having classes at Nicolet on Friday.  The clear favorite was active wear, which is great because I could really use some nice pieces to do my morning workout in.  As an added bonus Pattern review is running a contest in January for Active wear, which means one of us might win a prize.  You can check out the rules and discussion here

My active wear journey started with a search through my pattern and fabric boxes. I had 3 New Look patterns that caught my eye.  This 6160 has a basic drawstring pant which can be modified for a snugger fit and although I am not a fan of a jewel neckline I did like the shoulder detail and sleeve options.  I can always change the neckline to a more suitable "V".

 Chuck returned from running some errands for us just as I was pulling all of this out, which prompted him to tell me that he would not object to some sweatpants....Really I replied, it just so happens that I do have a nice sweat fleece in my stash that would do the trick.  I will use this 6657 for his sweatpants, and the cami pattern for me.  Never satisfied with the way things are..I will widen the straps on the cami so it looks more like a yoga shirt and less like lingerie.
Last but not least is this top.  New Look 6405 (out of print) Have always like the wrap and sleeve options on this tee.  For the purposes of our sew along I would suggest you pick up the 1st pattern mentioned New Look 6160.  You can get it at Walmart, order it on line or if you happen to be in a city that has a fabric shop snag it there along with some appropriate knits. I will post in a day or two about how to use your stretch guide, moisture wicking properties, Lycra vs. jersey. etc. along with pictures of my fabric choices.   Now please do not despair over all of my choices.  For the purpose of this sew along I will be pleased to complete one pair of pants, and one tee.  That having been said knits sew up so quickly that I just thought if I made a larger plan, more pieces might happen, but then again maybe not after all I have my Mad Men sew along, and Wonder Women and clients...oh my.  Well you get the point right?    Who all is going to be joining me? 
A note about commenting, please do as much as you like, but be aware that you will not see your post immediately as it comes to my mailbox first before it gets published to the sight.  I understand this has been a bit confusing in the past. 

Looking forward to sewing with you all.

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