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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Additional Classes for 2011

I understand the new continuing education catalog has been mailed and many of you have already received yours.  I have not....cannot tell you why, and unfortunately there were none on campus, at least not in the Birchwood center.  I have been notified though by our new coordinator that the self paced sewing classes are now under their own heading, titled "Sewing Cafe" which I think should be helpful.  Less helpful perhaps is an oversight that omitted our Friday classes!  Yikes!  Do not despair Friday classes have been scheduled and you can see the additions in the sidebar under " Friday's schedule"  We will not have Friday classes in January or May, but they will be available in February, March, and April.

I realize I always encourage you to sign up as early as possible, but once again due to this oversight, it is of paramount importance.  It may be confusing to the registration office, and we want to give them all due time to make their job easier. 

All of the Saturday classes are present and accounted for in the catalog, so no changes there.  If you have not received a catalog you can find the  pdf file here.

Hope to see you there, and feel free to bring a friend along,


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