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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mad Men: Completed

 The completed Mad Men Sew Along Dress! 

I completed the handwork around the sleeves while watching a Midsummer Mystery with my husband.  This is my favorite time to do handwork, in the evening, in a comfy chair, with the addition of my close up glasses..alright maybe a glass of port, possibly tea as well.

Could not resist showing it here styled as I am planning on wearing it for its debut.  I have a beautiful pair of spectator pumps that look fabulous with this combo.  Additionally I tried my burnt red wool crepe jacket with it....also very nice.  A girl has to have options.

Sadly it will be a few months before the weather allows the wearing of this dress, but its so nice to feel ready for spring. 

Here she is unadorned, for the purists out there.

 Any thoughts on jewelry.....anyone?

And the back....not much to say, except that my tush is apparently fuller then my dress forms.

Needless to say I am contemplating future projects..... I have a beautiful piece of silk chiffon to make a blouse very similar in style to the bodice of this dress.  I have at least 3 pieces of wool that I could make pencil skirts from, again using the skirt of this dress. But I have my sights set on spring now....and of course yoga pants and tops...did I mention a new quilt for my bed.....yeah....


  1. Soooo pretty! I want it! I think for accessories you should wear a skinny leather belt around the waste but skip the necklace because the neckline of the dress is soo pretty and you shouldn't cover it up!!

  2. This is beautiful. You did a really nice job. Please post picture of you in the dress when it makes its debut.

  3. Looks great! I agree with Tonia about adding a skinny belt and skipping the necklace. You could add a bit of sparkle with a brooch on the cardi or some bracelets or a ring.

  4. Lovely work! i really like the neckline and pockets. I will show you my version in a few days

  5. Oooh, you did such a great job! I am so far behind, I'm still working on my muslin. I LOVE your neckline and it looks absolutely fabulous with the sweater and belt! And I agree with other commenters, I wouldn't wear a necklace because it would just compete with the awesome job you did on the neckline.


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