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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Eva Dress Contest - The 1937 Blouse begins

Last week I mentioned the Eva Dress contest and showed you the 1940's Playsuit pattern I am planning on making into Gardening Overalls.  

Today I thought I would share my other possible entry this 1937  Blouse which I plan on entering in the 3rd Category, which is described as: The Best use of pattern in its original form.  The garment must follow the pattern devoutly (meaning no changes to the design, although grading or alteration for proper fit are appropriate.

The pattern number is 7482 and it is available in a size 16 (34" bust)

This of course is my project worksheet for said blouse.
I am making it from a lovely burnt red wool challis.

Needless to say though before I can cut into my fabulous fabric I must trace the pattern and sew up a muslin,   This is strongly recommended on the pattern as these are original period patterns.  This means that the markings are minimal and unfamiliar to the contemporary seamstress, and the sizing my be different as well. 

I traced my pattern out onto wax paper, a method I often use as its very transparent , inexpensive. It's easy to make as wide as needed by simply overlapping the sheets by a few inches and ironing. 

I found it helpful to refer to the sewing directions as I was tracing to insure I was understanding the marks.  The pattern included a nice diagram of each pattern piece with additional information written on it.  For instance where the gathering happens between dots the diagram will say "gather", the grain lines and hems are marked with dots, but the diagram helps you to understand which is which.

The pattern only has 5 pieces and the construction looks very straight forward although again a little different then contemporary methods, but I will talk more about that as I move into the construction.

Upon measuring the pattern I found the actual pattern measurements to be:
Bust - 37"
Waist - 33"
Hem Circumference - 37"
Center Back to waist length - 17"
Sleeve length - 25"

The only pattern alteration I made at this stage was to shorten the sleeve 2".  1" above the elbow and 1" below.  The bust may prove a little small for me and the waist a little large but I will sew up the muslin before I make those changes.

Hope to see you soon with the muslin...wouldn't it be nice if I could get that sewn up this weekend:)

What will you be sewing this weekend?
Have you ever made any of the Eva Dress patterns?
Will you be entering this years contest?


  1. This pattern is lovely. I vote you do both. :)

  2. I would love to do this morning I went over my weekly schedule to see where I could squeeze in more sewing time and if I cut out evening movie viewing to 2 nights a week I can get in about 8 additional hours to sew! Will try it this week and see how it goes but if my seams get wonky....

  3. I vote both! Forget the movies & sew. You are entirely responsible for me just wasting a perfectly productive hour drooling over patterns at the Eva Dress site - I've never bought one, but I'm tempted......

  4. Actually, I do not know which one to choose I like patterns, so I vote for both as well ... I believe that when women are so busy, the only way to squeeze time is taking away time from sleep, at least that happens to me ....


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