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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Dark Knit

 The Bat Saga begins
I hope all of my readers are aware of my husbands love for the 66 Batman T.V. show with Adam West.
His desire for a replica costume began when he was a small fact he remembers finding "Batman blue" fabric in a local store, but alas his mother could not sew:(  so no bat suit for little Chuck.

Many years later he marries yours truly and the quest for the absolute replica bat suit began in earnest, after all his new wife knows how to sew....

Chucks favorite picture of Lynne in the Bat Cowl
 Little did I know how much this project would impact our lives...who would have guessed?
Since we began this saga we have purchased 100's of yards of fabric, viewed countless blue satin swatches, created patterns, worn the original suits ( thanks Mark Hardeman), met other fans of the show and have sold dozens of cowls all over the world. 

So naturally, when a beloved client of ours announced that his wife was pregnant with their first child.....we decided this special baby must have a Bat Cowl of his very own....Naturally:)
Picture of a very good baby, no screaming or nothing..ahh

 This cotton knit Bat Cowl was made by Peg's niece Laura at Flour & Fibers
We sent her pictures of one of our cowls and she developed the pattern and knit up this very unusual baby gift.

This is one of the photos she sent for approvals.
Awesome right?  

Chuck and I were so thrilled and our client was thrilled as well.
Plus Little Luke will be able to wear/ have his picture taken in this cowl for a few years yet.

I guess the moral of this saga is...good things come with patience, endurance and lots of love.  
I would personally like to think all of our clients who have contributed to this saga of love and costumes because without them...Chuck would not have his Replica Bat Suit. Luke would not have a hat for his little head, and I...well....I would have a lot less fun at my job.

Adam West in costume                Chuck Williams in costume


  1. And the best looking Batman is...... Lynne! lol (jmho, of course)

    Congratulations on finding something that brings you success AND fun - and the baby cowl a cutie!

  2. This is BRILLIANT!!! I just love it!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog should definitely enter the EvaDress contest...her reproduction patterns are great fun :)


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