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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Great Beginning to the New Year

 Today my mailman delivered this treat to my door:D 

This box of candy came all the way from San Francisco via Sunny Gal Studio
because she was kind enough to have a give away and ....can you believe it...I won the candy!

See's Candy is a West Coast treat.  I have fond memories of standing in a See's candy store and choosing the candies that would go in our family chocolate box.  Apricot Delights, caramel marshmallows, chewy chocolates...such a treat.  This is the only time I have had a box all to myself.  How decadent!

Thank you Beth for hosting such a lovely give away.

If you are not familiar with Beth's blog you should really check her out.  
 I enjoy seeing pictures of her flower filled sun drenched garden, and her beautifully tailored garments with their elegant finishes.  
SunnyGal Studio Sewing
This picture taken from her blog is of a vintage project she found at an estate sale. 
The pieces were all cut out and labeled it just needed sewing up by a pair of loving hands. 
Follow the link to read the whole story.

Thanks again Beth.


  1. Hi Lynne, glad you received it and I hope it is as good as you remember. Happy New Year, Beth

  2. I will confess Beth that its nice not having to share it with my sisters,my mom and our Schnauzer who had a real sweet tooth - LOL
    That box of chocolate brought back some very nice memories...and that's priceless


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