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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jeans that

The Jeans that fit class at Nicolet begins on Sept 3rd and so I thought as a teaser I would show you how my sample jeans turned out. 

I am really quite pleased. 

What I like: 
  1. The color, this Charcoal is a nice change of pace and will help me move into fall. The fabric is a lighter in weight than standard jeans, which will be dynamite for summer, but I am thinking a bit thin for all know how cold I always am. 
  2. The Fit...this should really be #1 right?  They look great and are comfortable. 
  3. The rise is just where I wanted it
  4. The top stitching color and width pleases me
  5. Construction - they were simple to put together, but I am glad I have a few machines to set up so that I did not have to change my thread and needle constantly....having 2 machines made it more convenient.
  6. My husband says they look great
  7. My husband says they look great - lol
After a day of wearing, they look just like my favorite BKE jeans but shorter....Hmm, not happy with how short they are, great with flats though. 
I am throwing in some additional construction pictures....why not...right?

The back pocket

The Front pockets and fly.  I added the coin pocket.

This is my waistband which Jalie has you place on the bias.  As you can see I pressed a gentle curve into it prior to sewing to keep it from gaping on along the back.

I used a piece of selvage tape along the top of my waistband to keep it from stretching out on me as I top stitched.  I made the length of the tape the same as my low rise waist circumference to insure it would not become to large or to small.  You know how that bias likes to stretch on you.
Had to add a final shot of the rivets.  I chose this tarnished silver, but the tarnished brass was another tempting option.

These jeans are part of my wardrobe plan for fall of 2011.  To see more check out the links below.
Fall wardrobe plan


  1. They look fabulous! What sort & color of thread did you use for the top-stitching?

  2. Thanks my dear, The thread is Jeans Stitch by YLI in Beige and I purchased it as well as the rivets thru he has denim as well.

  3. They look so good on you! Great work. I wish I could take a class like that online

  4. Ohhh Lynne, those are so nice. Not only do I like the charcoal color but the topstitching is superb.


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