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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall Wardrobe 2011

I am loath to admit that summer is coming to a close...glorious warm and sun drenched summer...But my despair at summer's passing is always brightened by Fall Fashion.  Fall is my favorite fashion season because I love sportswear and separates, textures and layering and of course that is what fall is all about.  Some brilliant women on Pattern Review started a thread for a fall sew along.....I do love a sew along....and I do love fall fashion....and I do need some new items in my wardrobe...or perhaps what I need is to sew up some of the lovely fabric I have here in the studio.

So what do I have in my studio?

Nothing says fall quite like a pumpkin plaid right?

Now for the plan....

Jalie jeans in the denim ...which are already underway...Hooray! 

A vintage Vogue wool jacket, which will really dress those jeans up, not to mention brighten up some other items in my wardrobe.  This project has been in the stash for ....4 yrs now, so I think its time don't you? 

This wool came from Sawyer Brook I believe several years back as well and I want to make this pencil skirt with the interesting detail at the hem.  I will make this from my skirt block and use it as a sample skirt for my Sewing Lab 102 class coming up in September....Better get a move on then:)

The Pumpkin felted wool I have just enough to make a vest from.  I am not sure it will be this Folkwear pattern..I am mulling over something far more simple, but we shall see.

So what do you think of my plan?
Have you started sewing for fall or are you onto winter? Sheesh

Want to see the finished items?  Just click on the links below.


  1. Yeesh. My seasonal sewing consisted of making wintery garments well into Spring, and then I sewed a few summery tops during the one week of summer we had, & I'm ready for Fall again! Just as soon as I have my current (taking forever) projects done!

    I love your choices - I'll be making a pair of charcoal denim Jalie jeans asap myself

  2. I too love fall and have begun to think about my fall sewing projects. I'm not nearly to this stage yet though! I'm planning on at least 1, maybe 2 pair of pants, some type of jacket, 1 dress and maybe a blouse if I get that far. I did make up a color palette but so far all the fabric I've bought is grey.

  3. As with everything in my life..I plan 10 things so that 5 get done. The skirt and jeans are a must because they are class samples ( see these are the tricks I play with myself) but the other 2 items....time will tell, but maybe with your encouragement and blog accountability it can happen this time:)

  4. Plan 10, make 5=success! I love your plan and think the vintage jacket should be one of the 5.

  5. Wow - I love your plans, that jacket is gorgeous, lovely colours too


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