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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caped Crime Fighter

 Here it is....can you believe it?  What a journey!  For all of my friends and family who have heard the tales of woe, purchased drinks for me during mad rants, hugged me through actual tears...Thank you.  Thank you for your kind support and continued friendship.

Now that the lessons have been learned and the hurdles leaped I am looking forward to producing more patterns.  More patterns for costumes, more patterns for fashion and accessories, more patterns that teach the art of sewing.   I hope you like them and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.

These tissues are familiar to us sewers, but this information and these images have never been produced as patterns before for adult fans.  It is all here...Chuck made sure of that.... how many points on the cape? What size is that belt buckle...exactly? ....How do you make a cowl cover? How far apart are the fins on the gloves? How tall is the point on the front of the boot and how low is it in the back?  What shade of blue is that anyway?  How do I build a Utility belt? 

 Like purchase the patterns at and you gather your supplies ( all detailed for you) and you follow the directions.  You can even come back here for tutorials like this one on making the fins and how to insert them correctly into your gloves.

This is Lynne in her role as a happy camper:)

 Now that both patterns are in the house shipping will begin tomorrow.  Currently the web-site still shows the patterns as being available as pre-orders, but rest assured they are in stock and shipping quickly.  Our wonderful IT guy, Scott Sebring will update the site as soon as he returns from visiting family.

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  1. Hi Lynne!

    May I please purchase the caped crime fighter pattern? I can pay immediately.




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