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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Comment Trouble:(

Is it just me? 

For awhile now I have been having difficulty posting my comments on other blogs as well as my own.

So I have continued to try and sometimes it would work but most of the time not.  I would get stuck in this loop where it would keep asking me to sign in, when I already had.  Sometimes it would allow me to post anonymously, but not always.


Today I finally spent some time investigating this issue and discovered that it is a cookie problem....
really?  I also discovered that this is a common problem and that it can reduce the comments on your blog by 50%! Additionally I recently had someone question me on how not to post anonymously and I am now wondering if this "cookie" problem wasn't the issue.

So, if you have had this problem.  Go to "tools" on your Internet provider,
then Internet Options >Privacy > and change your setting to Allow all Cookies.

I am now once again able to comment on the blogs I visit as well as our blog, which is rather important because after all we are having a Pajama Party Sew Along.

The article I read on the subject also mentioned that it has to do with the embedded comment form.  When the comment form is a pop up window problem solved. 

My next investigation will be to see how to change my comment form to the pop up window style:) 

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps someone besides myself

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