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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fairy shoe - Restyle

Today these sad little flats were transformed. 

Thanks to Peg for coming into the studio an extra day I was able to make over these shoes into something more suitable while she hemed velvet. 
I got the better end of that deal for sure:)

Once again all of the necessary supplies were on hand.  Irridescent organza, silk florals, glue, more glue, hot glue and rhinestones.  That should do it.

 And we have Fairy shoes.  Covering these shoes reminded me of theatrical costuming...what fun I had.  The smell of hot glue always brings fond memories.  Memories of  other shoes, fancy hats, fabulous accesories....for some its the smell of grease paint, nope I say hot glue.

I began by covering the upper with a thin layer of Yes glue, really great sticky stuff.  The organza was then layed on top placing the bias over the top of the toe.  This allows the fabric to be worked around the curves and still have it lay nice and flat.  After trimming the excess fabric off I pushed the cut edge into the crack above the sole, with my thumb nail.  Hard to believe this works I know, but your soles are not glued on as tight as you might think.  Once the glue had dried I applied the ombre ribbon around the top with Alene's Tacky Glue.  The leaves and flowers were then arranged and set with hot glue, and finally the rhinestones were set in place with 527 cement.

I changed the lighting on this shot, to enhance the shifting light effect that the irredescent fabric creates.
How much fun are these.  Why don't I do this more often?  Think of  Brides and their maids, or what about with my favorite pair of jeans...honestly I am running to Goodwill to pick up some cheap flats to amp up.  You want to join me?

Tomorrow my client Sue will be picking up her Fairy Ensemble. I hope to talk her into photos, but she is quite busy getting ready for her Garden Party, so may not feel inclined to be photographed.  But rest assured photos are being taken although they may only be on my dress form, which does not do the justice to the dress that Sue does. 


  1. How cute! I may have to make myself a pair too!

  2. Love, love, love, love, love these! getting my ren fair costume ready soon and something like this would be perfect!

  3. Im making these for my wedding. My dress is green. These are perfect!


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