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Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Spots in my Home and Studio

 Rachel Denbow at Smile and Wave posted a photo challenge recently.  The challenge was to photograph spots in your home that make you happy.  Messy or not.

This Orchid which sits on my front window will along with my terrariums was an anniversary gift from my mother.  It was covered in blooms when I received....all of which proceeded to shrivel and drop off the very next day.  Sad right?  But after much fussing and determination on my part to make it as happy as it had made me it bloomed!  Today it bloomed and this makes me very happy:)

Cameras and I do not play well together but some day I will tame this beast as well, but apparently not today, but be that as it may, here is my living room.  It makes me happy because it tells you at a glance who lives here.  We like art, and dress, and books, and comfort.

My pattern table is a very happy spot for me and the owls.  I like to make practical things, and doing so makes me happy.  I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful spot to make messes while sewing, designing, and making more practical things.

Thanks Rachel for inspiring me to reflect on my happy spots in my home


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