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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fairy Garden Dress- It ain't pretty yet.

The Fairy dress "muslin" 

Can you even believe that after altering New Look 6670 to create our dress that I had no muslin!  That is right zip zero a sewing studio?  Peg and I are still confused about our missing bolt(but that is slightly beside the point)  After some rummaging I came up with the green cotton and a voile which I picked up very inexpensively and love to use to represent chiffon.  I will admit the color and the bees are very distracting but it did allow for our first fitting.  Fortunately my client could see past that to the over all silhouette. 

All of these pictures were taken after the fitting so please excuse the pins as well. 

 The pattern changes were:
  1. Changing the neckline rather dramatically front and back.
  2. Creating a slip with corset, as the dress must support the wings.
  3. Changing the center front line to create the open skirt front.
  4. Adding fullness to the hem
  5. Creating a sleeve that drops off the shoulder.
  6. The usual fitting alterations, which consisted of a bust cup adjustment and other minor circumference changes

During the fitting we decided to change the way the sleeve attached to dress, eliminating the cording indicated on the original sketch.  Additionally the back neck line needed to be raised so that the wings would sit higher.  We also marked the belt placement line and lowered the starting point of the front lacing.

The fitting went really well.  Sue was very patient as Peg and I pinned, tucked and adjusted.  The design fits her body shape beautifully and we are all looking forward to seeing it now in velvet and chiffon.

Did I mention she brought us more goodies to cull from?  Amongst the stash a fabuous beaded bag which will work beautifully hanging from her belt.

There is a lot of work ahead.... I could probably do an entire post on cutting and marking velvet, which I will admit does require the patience of Job, which explains why I have taken a much needed break to post these pictures.

Hope you enjoy following the progress.

You might also enjoy the new background in honor of the garden party:) 
Thanks to Sue for the inspiration.

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