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Friday, July 15, 2011

Faerie Costume Fun

Recently I received a phone call from a lovely gal named Sue.
 She requires a Faerie costume for a garden party she sponsor's each year at her beautiful home in Three Lakes WI.  on July 30th.
What fun...right? 
She arrived a few days later with 2 laundry baskets filled with fabrics and trims she has been collecting over the years for just such a project. 

We spoke about her requirements: 
Elegant full length gown
Covered arms(she is after all over 30)

1st sketch by Lynne Williams - Williams Studio 2
This first sketch I did for her is more along the lines of the reference material she brought along by Nene Thomas  but reflecting wear ability, the sleeve requirement and available material and time constraints.

The dark green velvet seemed a bit oppressive for a summer party so I broke the surface up a bit by stamping a gold filigree design on it.

 Still feels heavy to me though.

2nd design by Lynne Williams - Williams Studio 2

This 2nd sketch was for fun and it's always good to have choices. 
Sue really had a solid idea of what she wanted to do, but was not convinced of it or locked into it. Often providing alternatives help makes the choice clear. 
This sketch reflects the 2nd color palette she brought along and the one shown at the top of the post. Both of us were more engaged by these fabrics.

What Sue disliked about this sketch was the "bar maid" look which she feels is not flattering to her full bust. 
Additionally the tissue sleeves with cording felt fussy to her.

The clear solution was to use the 1st sketch with the 2nd color palette.

Which sketch do you like?

The challenge for me now is to accomplish all this by July 30th

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