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Friday, July 29, 2011

Fairy Costume - Complete

A drum roll seems an inappropriate sound for the arrival of a Fairy queen, perhaps flute and zither?

Regardless of the music the completion of this Fairy costume was a proud moment for me..can you tell?
Lynne Williams with Fairy costume 2011
 The joy of a silk and rayon velvet can clearly be seen in these pictures.  It captures the light and soothes the senses don't you think?

Hemming Velvet at Williams Studio 2

Peg and I are placing the swing tacks that hold the hems together.  The final touch completed the afternoon before Sue arrives for her final fitting.

Sue/client contributed the fabrics, the wings and the fabulous beaded purse which was a design element I presented in my original sketch to her.  This purse arrived at our 2nd meeting along with some other possibilities.  She has been collecting materials for this project for many years, and I am thrilled to have been the recipient of this commission.

Fairy Costume - Williams Studio 2 - 2011

The bodice is outlined with a embroidered applique which was died this bronze color and then some metal sequins added to catch the light.

The sleeves are edged along the top with a narrow metallic gimp and the sleeve hem was cut to mimic the wings and then edged with a metallic thread.

The belt which holds the purse is detachable and made from an upholstery trim, backed with Petersham ribbon and then trimmed at center front with a brass jewelry finding to replicate a buckle.

Slippers fit for a Fairy - Williams Studio 2
 I do love these slippers!  which did cause Sue to "Gasp".  They were an additional surprise for her.
There is a mini tutorial if you would like more information about them.

Fairy wreath - Williams Studio 2 
The head piece which enhanced Sue's ginger hair, the highlights in the wings, and the contrast trim on the bodice.  Crazy fun isn't it?

Presenting Sue Sadowske in her Fairy Queen Costume - by Williams Studio 2

Here is our Fairy Queen standing in my humble fitting room.  She seems well pleased. 

I have mixed emotions about this project coming to an end.  It always feels good to finish a project but this one was particularly fun for me, so I am a little sad to no longer be creating such fantasy.  Working on it reminded me of sewing in dark theatre basements, traveling with Harry Blackstone Jr. and making pyramids for Ronnie James Dio.  Creating costumes means doing something different every day, exploring new techniques, working with new materials, playing with light and form and collaborating with other creatives.

I will be posting more tutorials on this project now that I have met the deadline so please check back if you want to learn about sewing on velvet,   how to make swing tacks and that sleeve hem finish. 


  1. She looks fantastic in it! Beautiful work!

  2. *I* want to wear that one!!!! It just looks like too much fun...I'm sure I could find someplace appropriate to be a fairy for a day.... ;-D

  3. Looks Awesome Lynne! Great Job!


  4. Thanks all:D

    Jilly Be - I was thinking the same thing as I was working on the dress...."where could I rock these wings"


  5. Lynne! I love the wings, did you make them or source them pre-made? They look amazing!

    1. The wings and fabrics were provided by the client, but I believe they were purchased on Etsy. Certainly worth hunting down:)


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