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Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Dress Costumes that is.

Now I am not a fan of Halloween as I like to avoid making light of death, demons, the devil and zombies.  But I do enjoy a good costume and dressing up is so much fun.  As attested to by these photos.

1966 Batman Mini me
 Todd Mello made this amazing mini replica costume for his son.  How cute is this?  
Tom did an amazing job and I am told that he used our Caped Crime Fighter Pattern  as reference,  
with the belt pattern being reduced down proportionally.

I was also informed that Todd had plans of a costume of his own, but ran out of time creating this super suit for his son.  
Having a husband who is a huge bat fan..I can appreciate the sacrifice that was made, but no doubt we can look forward to seeing the dynamic duo appear next year.

Really well done Todd, my cowl is off to you sir!

Paige Garrison as Marilyn Monroe
 Paige is a new student of mine and we have so enjoyed having her in our sewing group at Sewing Cafe.
Her mother taught her to use her machine, but she considers herself to be a beginner. 
She is fearless.  
This is not a project I would recommend to a beginner, but did she learn a bet!

 She had a party to attend with friends in Minnesota....friends who did not even recognize her I am told.

Paige Garrison as Marilyn Monroe
Well Done Paige!!

Looking forward to our next sewing adventure.

If you have any questions you would like me to ask our costume makers, please comment below and I will be sure to follow up.

My thanks to Todd Mello and Paige Garrison for sharing these photos with us.


  1. Those costumes are amazing!! The little batman is so cute :)

  2. Im glad u guys wanted to use these pics, I never get tired of seeing my son Elvis all dressed up... Yhx again for making it possible for me to create his costume


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